Scentsy and butterflies

Why does Scentsy like butterflies so much?

If you’ve ever experienced one of our fragrance products or taken a look at the wax dish in most Scentsy Warmers, you’ve probably noticed we have a thing for butterflies at Scentsy. These beautiful creatures are featured on Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays, Scented Bracelets and even benches at Scentsy Commons! But why make the butterfly so central to Scentsy’s identity?

More than a cute bug

During her 2015 keynote speech, Scentsy Co-Owner Heidi Thompson focused on a key element of Scentsy’s recent rebranding: the adoption of the butterfly as the symbol of Scentsy scent products. While she acknowledged that both butterflies and fragrances beautifully flutter in the air, Heidi delved deeper into the parallels between this graceful creature and Scentsy as a whole.

Fluttering up a storm

Heidi also touched on the theory known as the “butterfly effect” during her address. Just as butterflies fluttering their wings could shift wind patterns that become hurricanes, the actions of each Scentsy Consultant have the power to ripple out and create broader change in the world. As Heidi said, “How many men and women breathe easier because (a Consultant) shared the Scentsy opportunity with them, allowing them to pay off debt, buy groceries or simply take their kids to the movies on a Friday night?” The butterfly reminds us that even the smallest acts can have a big impact.

Earning one’s wings

Growth and change have been a part of Scentsy’s story from the very beginning, and those concepts remain core to our culture — from our constant innovation to Independent Scentsy Consultants learning to grow their businesses. During her speech, Heidi shared the ways she herself evolved with Scentsy, growing from someone who preferred to stay behind the scenes to an entrepreneur taking center-stage in front of thousands of people. She observed, “Butterflies remind us that transformation is necessary if we are going to break out of our cocoons, embrace our awesomeness and be who we are meant to be.”

Want to earn your wings as a Scentsy Consultant? Join Scentsy and take flight!


  1. Patsy Hawke

    Butterflies have always put a smile on my face. Beautiful creatures and reminds me that I can fly anywhere I want to! I just have to do it! #HappyKarma64

  2. Jeriel Lowe

    To me butterflies represent hope.

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