Scentsy’s charitable cause program

Scentsy’s history of giving

Generosity is a guiding principle here at Scentsy. It keeps us true to our roots as a family organization that believes in the importance of community — plus giving just feels good! For more than a decade we’ve made charitable contributions to causes that make a positive impact on the world, through events such as the Scentsy Rock-a-Thon and our charitable cause products. Now we’re positioned to make an even bigger impact with our newly revamped charitable cause program.

Here’s how it works

Scentsy’s charitable cause program is one of our longest-running means of giving. For more than a decade Scentsy has donated a portion of the proceeds of our exclusive charitable cause products. Previously, these funds were raised in conjunction with one nonprofit at a time. This year, we’re making a broader impact by supporting multiple charities throughout the season, all with sustainable programs focusing on children, families and communities.

Scentsy Rock-a-Thon person rocking with a hand sign
Scentsy 2019 Rock-a-Thon

Causes Scentsy supports

Over the years, we’ve worked with many national nonprofits to make a difference. The criteria we use to decide which charities to support are simple:

  • Home

Does the organization strengthen families or enhance people’s quality of life?

  • Health
    Do they encourage and contribute to healthy communities?
  • Essentials

Do they help provide the basic building blocks people and families need?

Organizations that excel at one or more of these criteria are exactly the kinds of causes Scentsy believes in supporting.

Want to get in on the giving? Now until July 31, Scentsy will donate $9.50 USD from the sale of each Simply Blessed Warmer to charitable organizations in North America! You can find this warmer on your Consultant’s Personal Website (or find a Consultant here). You can also help decide which causes we give to! Contact your Consultant with your ideas for worthy local charities to support or leave us a comment below!


  1. Andrea McIntyre Reply

    I just got my Simply blessed warmer today. It is awesome. I want to Thank Kathy Bertig Kalson for introducing me to this wonderful product I’ll be ordering from her I’m hooked on it

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