Top 6 reasons to start a Scentsy business

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We all want a little more of, well, everything.

More love, more space, more fun, more money, more fulfillment, more travel, more time with family. Usually, as we pursue more of one, the others fall by the wayside. When we push to make more money, we often lose time with family. When we run toward fun, sometimes fulfillment is lost — and we might not even realize it.

But every so often, there’s a chance to seek more across the board and actually find it. That’s Scentsy for a lot of people — a catalyst for getting MORE out of life.

Maybe it could work for you, too.

Why Scentsy?

We put together six reasons to start a Scentsy business, but believe us when we say that whittling down to just six was HARD. Our Consultants join for all sorts of reasons, but almost everyone starts with a love of Scentsy products. From there, the love grows.

Here’s why:

  1. Extra money, honey!

    The way the world works is changing. More people than ever are taking on side gigs to cover the extras that make life so much better. When you use your free time to sell Scentsy, you can earn from 20-36 percent on the products you sell, and even more when you build a team.*

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  1. Flexibility = More time for LIFE.

    We all have our priorities. You might wish you had more time for family — kids grow up fast. Maybe you want more hours in the water, or on the slopes, or at your easel with a brush in hand. Maybe you love sleeping in or can’t stand being stuck behind a desk. Or you just want to have more time to chill with your dog.

    At Scentsy, we call this your WHY — it’s what drives you. Scentsy is a flexible opportunity because you can work your business in your spare time, or in small buckets of time you carve out of your busy life — whenever, wherever!

    We do whatever we can to support your why, because OUR why is helping you get yours.

Consultant posing for selfie photo with her baby girl

  1. Travel to amazing places.

    Have you been wanting to wander? Longing to lounge on a beach? Yearning to stay in a yurt? At Scentsy, our business thrives when our Consultants do, so we offer incredible incentives and rewards for meeting sales and recruiting goals. We LOVE travelling with Consultants, because they are crazy-good fun and always ready to explore. We’ve been all over the world together: Hawaii, NYC, Rome, the Dominican Republic, Disney World®, Banff, Cancún, Africa — and just about everywhere in between.

    We also host annual Scentsy events in hip-to-be-seen locales like Las Vegas, Anaheim and Austin. Because sometimes the journey IS about the destination.

Consultant planning a trip via workstation at her desk

  1. Products worth sharing.

    We love fragrance because of how it makes us feel, how it connects us with our memories and how it brings us together. It’s powerful! And that, together with the unmatched quality of everything we make, brings a loyal fan following. We love to make innovative and totally original products, with enough variety to give everyone something to love. And we’re always releasing new stuff, so there’s plenty to share!

    At Scentsy, we sell many consumable goods like Scentsy Bars and Hand Soap, which is just a fancy way of saying your customers will eventually run out and need more. That’s where you come in.

woman opening her awesome Scentsy Whiff Box

  1. Friendships that feel like family.

    Most of our Consultants join because they love the products. They STAY because they fall in love with the community. The Scentsy family has this indefinable quality that makes it really special. We call it Scentsy Spirit, because how else could we express the passion, encouragement, enthusiasm and drive of 120,000 unique souls coming together to serve a greater purpose?

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  1. Support from an industry-leading company.

Scentsy is an award-winning, industry-leading direct selling company with the most amazing fragrance products out there, and the tech and business tools to help you sell them. We’re steadfastly authentic, because we can be. Our products are the best. Our team is outstanding. Our values — Simplicity, Authenticity, Generosity — guide every step we take. We give as often as we can.

This is your chance to run an independent business, but with the support and resources of a large, loving company full of people who want to help you become the best YOU — without sacrificing time with the ones you love.

What’s your next step?

February is one of the best times of the year to become a Scentsy Consultant. We’re gearing up for a new catalog launch in March, so just about everything in the current catalog is 10 percent off. A couple of heavy-hitting holidays — Easter and Mother’s Day — are right around the corner to help get your new business off to a roaring start.

But the most pressing reason might be that we offer a special Escentials Starter Kit in February 2019 for just $49. It includes (you guessed it) just the essential products and tools you need to launch a Scentsy business at about half the price of our standard Starter Kit.

Scentsy promotion collage with consultant and product, Join in February for $49.00

Feeling the pull to do something with all this info? Become a Scentsy Consultant. Join a team. Reach your goals — even the ones you haven’t dared set. Get MORE out of life.

Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant to take your next step. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

*View our Compensation Plan and Income Disclosure Statement.

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