What fragrance do you want to bring back?

It’s that time again! Voting for our next Bring Back My Bar promotion is open NOW until Oct. 15.

This go around, we’ve made a big change to the voting process, and we know you’re going to love it: unlimited voting! Every day, every hour, every five minutes — however many times you want to support your favorite retired fragrance, you can. Just know that we can filter out votes by bots (i.e. votes submitted by a robot and not an actual person), so be sure it’s just you or an appointed (human) stand-in casting those votes!

Do you have a fragrance you’re pulling for? We want to know all about it!

Tell us in the comments which scent you’re feverishly voting to bring back this time around. But we want more than just a name — we want to know the story behind why you love it. An ode, if you will. There are no rules! Just write a heartfelt blurb about the Scentsy fragrance that you can’t stop thinking about and why.

If you prefer to send a handwritten letter, we’d love that, too! Be sure to make it personal by addressing your ode to your bar of choice:

ATTN: <Scentsy Bar Name>
Scentsy Headquarters
2701 E. Pine Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642

Now compose that ode and click here to start voting for your favorite retired fragrance, check when the next voting period is, or see what bars will be available soon!


  1. Debbie Dufrene

    Blackberry Meringue all of my friends love it

  2. Debbie Dufrene

    Blackberry Meringue


    I really hope you bring back Hemingway, My customers ask for it all year long , i love it too but im trying to please my customers . love

  4. Joan

    I don’t seem to have regular taste as everyone else. And I don’t have familiarity with past bars, I’m rather new to Scentsy. Some sound really good, I’d just wish Scentsy would just put in some surprises.

  5. Joan

    What I mean is that I hated Hemingway, last bbmb. I had to give it to my daughter, she loved it. Everything I hate I just know that she will love it. I want to try simply rose, I love the smell of pink wild roses, so I assume that would be good.

  6. Janet


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