Update your holiday décor

Are most of your holiday decorations hand-me-downs from Mom’s attic or impulse buys from after-Christmas sales? Are they beginning to look dated or worn? Your home deserves better this year!

Whether you love decorating for the holidays or not, Christmas is a no-brainer. At minimum you need a tree to stash presents beneath and maybe a festive string of lights around the front door. But the best part about decorating this time of year is that there is no maximum. You can go all out, and why not? It’s a spirited season!

We love traditions come Christmas, but there’s a difference between sentimental or nostalgic and just plain old. It’s time to shake the dust off your holiday style and make this Christmas your best yet!

But before you start tossing and shopping, consider these do’s and don’ts:

Do: Invest a bit of time researching ideas and discovering your own holiday style, then deck your halls to suit it!

Don’t: Get rid of anything that has special meaning. If it was handmade by your child or a beloved relative, or if tossing would break your mother’s heart, it’s worth holding on to. Even if you don’t love it now, you might be happy you have it later.

Do: Embrace a vintage vibe. It doesn’t get more classic than Christmas, so let the sweet nostalgia of the season fill your home. The best part? Traditional red and green — even cheery antique-style pieces — will never go out of style. The limited-edition Holiday Hearth Warmer captures this vibe perfectly and  practically radiates good cheer!

Don’t: Be afraid to keep it neutral. If your style is muted or minimal, don’t assume Christmas requires an explosion of red and green — you probably won’t like it! Instead, try snow-white accents or silver and gold metallics. For added warmth, use burlap or fur trimmings. And try the Crystallize — Blue Warmer for an  eye-catching accent piece that will fill your life with fragrance all winter long (and beyond)!

Do: Let your kids help. No, they won’t hang ornaments in the most balanced, beautiful way and yes, your house will probably be covered in glitter. But there’s nothing more magical for a child than decorating the Christmas tree or seeing so many colorful lights twinkle and shine. Scentsy Buddy Clips also make fun, shatter-proof ornaments that give your tree a truly unique character!

Don’t: Forget to keep it fun! If you’re worried about making your home feel too cheesy, too bright, too gaudy or too cluttered — just don’t! Channel the spirit of Clark Griswold and hang as many lights as your house can hold. Add holiday accents to every single room in the house, even down to the hand towels in the bathroom. And of course, deck the halls with the  scents of your favorite holiday treats, whether that means whipping them up yourself or just enjoying fragrances like Hug in a Mug and Wassail Wonderland.

Choose to really enjoy this merriest of seasons, deck your halls like never before — and make your family smile all December long! Happy Holidays!

To shop Scentsy’s Holiday Collection, reach out to your Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at scentsy.com.


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