Everything you need to know about Scentsy Fragrance Mist

Ever want to give yourself a spritz of Scentsy fragrance? You’re in luck: Scentsy Fragrance Mist not only allows you to enjoy your favorite scents as a personal fragrance — it also helps nourish your skin in the process! Here’s everything you need to know about this Scentsy Body product:

What is Scentsy Fragrance Mist?

Scentsy Fragrance Mist is a body mist that contains skin-nourishing ingredients and is available in a wide variety of Scentsy fragrances. Whether you spritz a little or a lot, this mist provides long-lasting scent.

How do I use Scentsy Fragrance Mist?

To apply Scentsy Fragrance Mist, spray it 3-6 inches away from your skin. If you want to use the mist on your clothes, we recommend you test it on a small area first.

What are the benefits of using Scentsy Fragrance Mist?

Scentsy Fragrance Mist is designed to be long-lasting. While the exact amount of time a fragrance lasts can depend on a lot of factors like weather and body chemistry, our Fragrance Mist has some of the highest concentrations of top-quality fragrance ingredients available in a mist. This mist is also designed to be a treat for your skin! Every spritz comes with a conditioning splash of aloe, helping you feel fresh as well as fragranced!

What makes Scentsy Fragrance Mist special?

Like all our Body products, Scentsy Fragrance Mist is designed to deliver value in quality, price and product volume. It combines signature Scentsy fragrances with skin-pampering ingredients to create a truly standalone experience. From the base ingredients to the spritzer itself, quality is always our primary goal.

Which Scentsy Fragrance Mist scent best matches your style? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Belinda Oliver

    Love the Make A Splash fragrance. Light, airy, and so fresh smelling!

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