5 ways to celebrate Love Your Pet Day!

Man holding his dog and smiling

Can we get a woof, woof?! It’s National Love Your Pet Day! And we rounded up a handful of fun new ways to show your best furry friends just how much you care.

Here are a few things to try at home, specially catered to your pup or kitty:

For Fido:

Dogs are just the best at welcoming us home, aren’t they? Does anyone else in your life act that excited to see you, every time they see you? Pups aren’t just loving pets, they’re downright adoring! Feed your friendship with playful attention.

  1. Treat
  2. Pups love a challenge, so don’t just hand over an extra treat when you want to show them love — make them sniff it out! Hiding a special snack in the house or picking up a puzzle bowl or toy designed to be stuffed with peanut butter is a much more satisfying salute, plus it’s really entertaining to watch them on the hunt!
  3. Pamper
  4. Does your doggie love getting scrubbed up in the tub? Give them a bath with a great pet-safe shampoo and let them linger in the water a bit longer for fun. Or get your pup smelling fresh fast with the best pet malodor spray ever! One more welcoming reason for extra belly rubs.
  5. Cuddle
  6. Once your dog is squeaky clean and subtly scented, invite him onto your lap for an extra-long snuggle session. If Fido is simply too big for all that, try getting down to his level and scratching his ears on the floor while you watch TV.
  7. Engage
  8. It might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget to speak! Talking to your pup, especially with dog-directed speech (aka “baby talk”) helps strengthen your bond, helps with training and actually makes your dog want to spend more time with you.
  9. Travel
  10. Give your dog a change of scenery to pique his curious nose. Rather than follow your normal walking path, try taking a different route that comes with new adventures!

For Felix:

There’s a unique satisfaction that comes with earning the love and adoration of a cat. They can be tough to impress! Kitties are naturally more independent, so understanding your cat’s personality and needs is the first step in knowing how to show them love.

  1. Treat
  2. While treats should only make up a small amount of your cat’s diet — they can become overweight pretty easily — using them to show affection is great, especially when the treat is matched with petting or a cuddle. Keep it simple by cooking up a small bit of fish or eggs.
  3. Pamper
  4. Cats might spend half of their waking hours grooming themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy being brushed or massaged now and then. Avoid belly rubs or ruffling their ears — rather, offer your kitty long, steady strokes until you hear a grateful purr.
  5. Play
  6. Dangling a fun, feathered toy is almost always a win, or try teaching them basic tricks to help with bonding. For the most engagement, try playing early in the morning or later at night — that’s when cats tend to have the most energy.
  7. Engage
  8. It’s typically easy to tell what a dog is thinking or feeling, but communicating with your cat can be hard. Most of the cues they send you are through body language, so learning the basics can help you know when to cuddle and when to respect their boundaries. When in doubt, hold out an open hand and let them come to you.
  9. Travel
  10. Your cat may enjoy adventuring around the neighborhood, or it could be more of a homebody — most cats shy away from too much change. A fun way to bring in new stimulation or enjoyment for your cat is to hang a bird feeder outside the window where your cat likes to perch. They’ll love watching visitors!

How do you show your dog or cat you care? Share your Love Your Pet Day ideas in the comments!

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