Host a happy-go-lucky
St. Paddy’s Day party!

So, you’re setting your sights on a St. Paddy’s Day party?

No need to worry — you’ve got the luck of the Irish on your side!

As with any holiday shindig, it’s all about embracing traditions and playing into the theme. If you’re wary of pouring it on too thick, remember that party themes don’t have to be cliché or cheesy — especially when you slice them in your own unique way.

Naturally, to celebrate St. Patrick, think all things Irish and go green. It makes for much easier planning and fast-tracks your guests to ultra-high levels of party spirit. From there, take it modern, friendly, elegant — whatever shakes your shamrock.

It’s time to set your St. Paddy’s Day scene! Let’s crack on.

Don’t get yourself pinched!

Avoid that painful reminder to celebrate St. Patrick by wearing green, and plenty of it. If you don’t, your friends will probably get you, and get you good. Tell your guests to sport it, too, and play helpful host by making a few shamrock pins like these for the poor souls who forget.

Let there be (folk) music!

Break out the fiddle and put on your best dancin’ shoes! Irish music must be danced to, so push the furniture against the walls and invite your guests to kick up their heels. There should be a healthy amount of traditional folk, but also mix in a few tracks from your favorite Irish bands to give your friends a snack break now and then. For a moodier to-do, just let The Cranberries’ greatest hits play softly on repeat.

Somewhere over the rainbow.

Yes, celebrate the go-to green in your party décor, but don’t forget you have every color of the rainbow to help fill in the gaps — not to mention that elusive pot of glittering gold. Enlist the help of a friend and make a colorful balloon rainbow for guests to enter through (it’s easier than you might think!) or just blow up every color in the bag and toss them around the dancefloor. Go the extra mile by swapping out a few lightbulbs — including the one in your Scentsy Warmer! — with glowing green.


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Move over, corned beef and cabbage.

It might be traditional, but … there are other options, too. There are so many kid- and adult-friendly treats and sweets out there, in every shade of green and gold. From green velvet cheesecake to jalapeño poppers, you can easily create a spread fit for St. Patrick himself. When in doubt (or out of time), make whatever you would normally serve party guests, but add green food coloring.

Make it SMELL green, too!

Two of Scentsy’s fragrance families — fresh and fruity — are full of crisp green notes like basil, cucumber, spearmint and thyme. Get a couple Scentsy Bars, like the all-new Farmers Market or best-selling Just Breathe, and add another layer of green your guests will love. Better yet, invite your Scentsy Consultant to come along and share what’s new with the whole party! Any orders placed can be tallied to help you earn Host Rewards — free or half-price products — to help you save a little green. You’ll end the night feelin’ lucky for sure!

How will you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day? Tell us in the comments section.


  1. karen small Reply

    I am hosting a lucky leprechaun mystery hostess party. I have a pot of gold at the end of rainbow (ballons of every color) and a black pot.(drawing box) green mini hats. green beads to wear. making rubens for snacks and shamrock shakes. have a green table cloth and gold coins and shamrocks spread around table. every one was asked to dress as a leprechaun or wear green. Playing Irish tunes and playing shamrock bingo. evryone who has rsvp are very excited to come see the new catalog and products.

    • Scentsy Reply

      We love the idea!

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