How to throw a magical unicorn party

Girls having a party with Calypso the Unicorn

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Unicorns instill us with wonder, remind us of magic and make us believe anything is possible.

So what would be more fun than a magical unicorn party? From the very young to the young at heart, everyone can join in and feel the enchantment!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Have fun with decorations.

    Really, you can’t go wrong! Think rainbows, pinks and purples and tons of glitter (we ALL need a little sparkle in our lives!). Streamers and balloons are classic party go-tos — you could even create a castle with old cardboard boxes.

  2. Sweeten it up.

    Cotton candy and pink lemonade are quick and simple options. Ice cream cones make easy DIY unicorn horns to adorn baked goods. There are even mini ice cream cones to use on cupcakes.

  3. Even more unicorn horns!

    For fun party activities, decorate unicorn horns — both the edible and wearable varieties.

    • To create appetizing art, set up a horn decorating station covered with tablecloths to contain the mess. Put out ice cream cones, frosting, jars of rainbow sprinkles and any other candies of your choice, and decorate away. Then enjoy your creations! (Pro tip: If you’ve got little kids decorating with sprinkles, put tape over some of the holes in the jar lids so the sprinkles don’t come out as quickly.)
    • Make unicorn headbands that can be worn at the party and taken home as party favors. There are tons of ideas and simple tutorials like this one here. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and get creative. You can also make magic wands, tiaras, flower crowns or flower headbands.
  4. “Pin the horn on the unicorn.”

    For a twist on a classic party game, hang a poster or any large image of a horse (you could even draw your own). Then cut out paper unicorn horns and add double-sided tape to stick them to the poster. Don’t forget the blindfold — no peeking!

Scentsy's Calypso the Unicorn

Now it’s time to party! And when you’re coming up with your guest list, don’t forget Calypso the Unicorn, our newest limited-edition Scentsy Buddy. She’s pink and fluffy like cotton candy — with a dash of sparkles, a pinch of glitter and a whole lot of love — and she’s sure to be the centerpiece of any unicorn party. Ask your Consultant about Calypso today. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

Planning a magical unicorn party? Share your ideas with us in the comments! ?

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    Stephanie O'Hearn

    My 4 year old really wanted one of these. I ordered it right away through my consultant. She tried to get it but they were already sold out! I buy Scentsy all the time but this was the first time I have been disappointed in the company. To have so many people wanting it and it sell out within 3 days was ridiculous to me. I have been a customer for years but this upset me. Especially when my consultant has tried her hardest to find me one but I go on line and there are people selling them on eBay and other site for $60-$100. And a lot of these people have mostly Scentsy products one there so I would assume they are probably a consultant or close to one. But one last had 4 for sale and starting bid was $50 with the title get your rare calypso unicorn.
    I’m sorry about this message but my daughter is heartbroken and I am very disappointed right now.

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      Hi Stephanie, we certainly understand the disappointment that it sold out so quickly, and we are sorry to hear that your daughter wasn’t able to receive one. We make every effort to prevent or stop the selling of Scentsy products on eBay by Scentsy Consultants.
      Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback with us. It’s great to know there’s interest in having more of Calypso available.

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