Must-haves for your summer road trip

Yellow van driving on highway with giant rock structures and a brush field

Summer is usually a season of adventure — and lots of travel! This year is a bit different, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still satisfy your wanderlust and explore.

So many destinations are temporarily closed that we’re experiencing this incredible road trip revival — we’re finding joy in the journey again, not just in reaching the theme park, beach or campsite. People who don’t typically hear the call of the open road are suddenly hitting the highways and byways, adventuring with family or going on a solo expedition to find fresh air and blue skies.

Thinking of taking a road trip before summer ends? Consider these tips for making it great:

Where should we go?

Start by exploring your own backyard! Have you been to the must-see destinations your home state has to offer? Where have you been meaning to go — especially those places that are just out of reach on a typical day, that would make a great day trip?

Consider national parks, museums (check open dates or temporary restrictions), historical landmarks or scenic byways. Or just pick a direction and start driving — you might be surprised what you find!

Person pointing out location on a map while in a car on a roadtrip

What should we bring?

That depends. Are you travelling with kids? Be sure to stock the car with activities to keep them entertained, like brand new books and magazines, coloring books with a fresh box of crayons and travel versions of their favorite board games. Encourage them to enjoy the passing scenery, but don’t forget to upload a ton of their favorite shows to their tablet, too.

One of the best parts of road-tripping is the snacks! Don’t forget to fill a cooler with plenty of junk food, but also big bottles of water and healthier, non-messy options like grapes or beef jerky.

And to make your trip extra special: Bring along a Scentsy Car Bar to hang from the rearview or try the Car Bar Clip, which clips right onto your air vent to help distribute fragrance throughout the car. If you have a spare cupholder, you could even bring along the portable Scentsy Go and a few spill-proof Scentsy Pods, which can go from the car to the hotel room or campsite and back with ease.

When should we leave?

Whenever the call of the open road is too loud to ignore! And if you don’t typically feel the urge to get up and go, try a nice, long drive the next time you feel overwhelmed, stressed, bored or cooped up at home. To avoid traffic, skip travelling on holidays, and choose backroads rather than the shortest, fastest highway to get you there.

Setting your eyes on the horizon is a great way to clear your head or even change your perspective! Where do you plan to roam this year?

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