Unique and special Scentsy Warmers

One look at an authentic Scentsy Warmer, and you know it’s not like any other product on the market.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, our Scentsy Warmers are beautifully designed and meticulously finished with discriminating details to create a functional work of art for your home.

Over the years we have unveiled exciting new designs, Warmer types and finishes to keep surprising you with our innovation and style.

One of our most popular Warmer finishes is our reactive glaze. This particular glaze, when applied across a line of ceramic Warmers and then kiln-fired, imparts a variety of color and character to the finish. In fact, the result may vary within several shades of the image featured in our Scentsy catalog. Although the design of a Warmer is established, the reactive glaze gives each piece a handcrafted look that our customers have come to know and love. Warmers created with a reactive glaze, such as Birdcage and Accord, are identified in the catalog with an R in a red circle.

Another technique we use to create one-of-a-kind Warmers is hand painting. Look for Warmers with an H in a purple circle to find which ones feature hand-painted accents, carefully and individually applied. These Warmers highlight the superior quality of our craft and show off the artistry behind their designs. Check out our kitschy Roller Skates, Around Town and Morning Toast for hand-painted Warmers with a retro edge!

Prefer to create your own one-of-a-kind Warmer?
Grab a handful of permanent markers and our Reimagine Warmer for our take on the adult coloring trend! And even though the markers are permanent, your coloring doesn’t have to be. Simply swipe a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball across Reimagine to remove the marker for a clean slate to color again! Change it up as often as you like.

To order any of our exquisite Scentsy Warmers, contact your Scentsy Consultant or go to scentsy.com
to find a Consultant in your area!

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