Dorm room essentials for a home away from home


It’s that time of year when young adults are headed away from home for a new collegiate adventure or back for another term.

Despite all the anticipation and excitement, it can be stressful. It’s super hard to focus on English 101 or advanced calculus if you’re uncomfortable or homesick. So, help your undergrad make an easy transition into adulthood and kick off the fall semester right by creating a home away from home in their dorm room.

College prep

  • It’s the digital age. Most colleges and universities have detailed student housing information online. Make sure to ask for a peek at the dorm room when you’re on the campus tour. Bring a tape measure and notebook to jot down room dimensions, furnishings, etc. Returning students will already know the drill.
  • If you’re a college newbie, make it a priority to reach out to your future roommate(s). Figure out which items to bring and share to avoid double microwaves, coffee makers and such.
  • Make a packing list and be ruthless about what makes the grade. Dorm room space is very limited so choose the most essentials and then add a few homey luxuries. Try this list from RealSimple.
decorated college room desk

Fresh freshman

  • Send off your scholar with a Scentsy Diffuser plus Scentsy Oils to relax after the school-day frenzy.
  • A Scentsy Mini Warmer perfectly warms Scentsy Bars in small places, and it doubles as a night light.
  • Let’s face it. College kids’ laundry can get a little odiferous, especially if they save it up to bring home to Mom on break. Fragrant Scentsy Laundry Liquids and Washer Whiffs will encourage your dorm dweller to keep all their clothes and linens fresh and clean – themselves.
  • Pack a bottle of Scentsy Fresh for spritzing on stale or hard-to-wash dorm room fabrics like carpets, upholstery or curtains.
  • Show your school spirit with a Scentsy collegiate warmer with school names and mascots.

Homey hugs

Your coed may be sprouting wings, but even the most independent kids still need a reminder that their parents have their back.

  • Set up a regular FaceTime or Skype appointment to keep everyone connected and monitor your student’s morale and emotional health.
  • Pack up a few little home-cooked favorites, like chocolate chip cookies or brownies, to share with their new roomies and provide a taste of home.
  • Sneak a handwritten note with a framed family photo into their school supplies. It’s a great way to share the love and launch a college student into their studies!
  • Remember yourself in the mix. Sending a kid away from the nest is an exciting, challenging and emotional time. See if your child’s school has a Facebook group for parents. Most every question you have can be answered in the community forum – putting your anxieties at ease.
Chocolate chip cookies on a table

How will you send your kids off to college this fall? Got a top tip for other parents? Tell us about it in the comments.

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