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Our ultimate guide to becoming a laundry master

Scentsy Laundry is one of our FAVORITE product lines. Who knew you could transform an endless, banal task into bliss just by adding uh-MAZING fragrance? (Bonus: The whole house smells good while you’re doing your laundry!) But fine fragrance and highly effective formulas will only take you so far. Here’s our ultimate guide to mastering laundry.


  • Laundry is SEROUSLY an endless task. Ditch the laundry day mentality and chip away at that endless pile by doing just one load a day. For example, do sheets on Saturday, towels on Sunday, colors on Monday, whites on Tuesday, and drop off the dry cleaning on Wednesday. It’s way easier to one load a day than to cram 18 loads into your weekend. Plus, your clothes are actually more likely to get folded and put away.
  • To prevent wrinkles, throw a load into the washer on your way out the door in the morning and toss it in the dryer when you get home. (You can fold laundry while you’re catching up on The Bachelorette!).
  • Sort your laundry while you undress by designating separate hampers for your whites, colors and dry clean only garments. You’ll save time when you’re ready to wash and help prevent that stray red sock from contaminating a load of whites.
  • Prevent stains from setting in by keeping stain remover close to your hampers. Stain treatments usually need a bit of time to work effectively, and you’ll save time when you’re ready to crank up the washer.
  • Learn to decode the tags on your laundry. Print out this handy guide from the American Cleaning Institute and post it in your laundry room.
  • Take like, five minutes to zip up all the zippers, button all the buttons, and shake out bunched up socks and pants before tossing them in the wash (we’re looking at you, DH!). This’ll prevent snags and damage to fabrics and ensure everything actually gets cleaned.
  • Got a favorite garment that shouldn’t go in the dryer? Write a note on the top of the washer using a dry erase marker so whoever unloads it knows to take them out.
  • Remove excess water from articles of clothing that should be air dried using a salad spinner.
  • You don’t have to know how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet to organize your linen closet. If you’re more of a stash-n-go kinda gal, use a pillowcase to keep the set together. Easy!
  • Got a garment you’ve worn that doesn’t need laundering, or don’t have time to do a load? Spritz on some Scentsy Clean for instant freshness. TECHNICALLY it’s in our Scentsy Clean line, but we love it so much, we couldn’t resist!

What are your favorite tips for managing laundry?

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