How to store natural and essential oils

Who doesn’t love the delicate, diffusible beauty of fragrant oil? It’s so luxurious, pushing a button and instantly filling your space with a mood-lifting mist of fragrance. Like magic!

At Scentsy, we offer three types of natural and essential oils:


  • 100% Natural Oils: Expertly designed blends of all-natural ingredients.
  • Essential Oils: One-note scents harvested from the best-smelling botanicals in the world.
  • Essential Oil Blends: Handcrafted blends to evoke a mood and connect body, mind and soul.

Our Oils are the best in the world! We source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe and work with expert cultivators who understand how to nurture them best.

So how do you make sure your Scentsy Oils deliver that world-class fragrance experience in your home — even months after you get them? Just like with our Scentsy Bars, storage counts!


Follow these tips to keep your Scentsy Oils smelling fab:

  • Store them in a cool, dry place. Extreme heat and Scentsy Oils don’t mix!
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep the lid sealed tight when not in use.
  • First in, first out. Rotate older Oils to the front of your stash to use them first.

Want to learn more? Here are a few fun facts about Scentsy Oils:

Do I need to shake Essential Oil Blends or 100% Natural Oils before use?

Nope. It’s not necessary to shake any Scentsy Oils prior to use, but doing so won’t impact your experience.

Why do Scentsy Oil prices vary so much?

Because the ingredients are 100 percent natural, all sorts of factors impact the cost of sourcing them. Bad weather can wipe out entire crops. Good weather can yield a much bigger harvest. Some ingredients, like lavender, can be sourced from several locations while other ingredients, like sandalwood, can only be found in a few select spots. It all impacts the price, but we won’t ever alter a Scentsy Oil price within a catalog season, despite environmental factors.

Can I ingest Scentsy Oils or use them on my skin?

Nope. The FDA does not approve or recommend ingesting or topically applying any essential oil.

Our intent is to provide an exceptional, natural fragrance experience rather than create oils for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.


  1. Shannon

    I need a better understanding of what’s the ingredients in each of the oils and why and how are they 100% natural please help me understand

    • Scentsy

      Hi Shannon, thank you for your question. If you are a Scentsy Consultant to find this information you’ll go into your workstation and under the news & Info tab do a simple search for “oils” this will pull up the Scentsy Oils FAQ document.

      To answer your question, let’s start with what is a natural oil?
      Natural oils are either created from a natural source or single molecules are extracted from an essential or naturally-occurring oil. To create natural oil from a natural source, two or more isolated molecules may be combined together or combined with naturally occurring enzymes to create a new molecule. While this new molecule may not be found in nature, only natural ingredients are used to create it.

      So now I bet you are wondering, what is the difference between Scentsy Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and 100% Natural Oils?
      Scentsy Essential Oils consist of a single essential oil. Scentsy Essential Oil Blends are blends of two or more essential oils. Scentsy 100% Natural Oils are blends of two or more natural and essential oils. All Scentsy Oils are 100 percent natural and naturally-derived; no synthetic ingredients are used.

      So to brake it down, think of it this way. Natural Oils are from natural sources, think Vanilla Cinnamon Clove or Tangerine Lemon. Notice in the catalog it says “steam-distilled”. That means the raw plant materials are put into an alembic (distillation apparatus) over water. This can be down with a single plant for a single scent or with multiple plants for combination of scents. As the water is heated, the steam passes through the plant material, vaporizing the volatile compounds. The vapors flow through a coil, where they condense back to liquid.

      Then the Essential oils are only a single molecule of the natural oils. Think Scentsy Lemon, Sage, Tangerine Essential Oils.

      Then the Essential Oil blends are beautiful combinations of the essential oils mixed together.

      Scentsy’s oils are 100% natural because we do not add in any synthetic ingredients to the oils.

  2. Rayme

    Can your oils be used on dryer wool balls in the dryer?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Rayme, we only recommend using our products as intended.

  3. Diane Gatchel

    Have Scentsy oils been tested for purity?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Diane, I hope this helps to answer your question.
      Conventional materials are not tested for pesticides. However, our essential oils are tested on a gas
      chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS) to ensure there are no impurities which will affect the fragrance

  4. Diane Gatchel

    Also wanted to ask if your candle melts contain paraffin? Thank you. Diane Gatchel

    • Scentsy

      Hi Diane, thank you for your question. Yes, the Scentsy Wax bar consists of food grade paraffin wax, fragrance, and coloring dye.

  5. Carol Cox

    So is it ok to use other essential oils for medicinal purposes in your beautiful diffusers? I have allergies.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Carol, Using other companies’ oils will not harm the Scentsy Diffuser or void the warranty.

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