The Scents of the Season Collection is here!


Enjoying a cup of good cheer by a roaring fireplace, baking cookies with the kids, finding the perfect bough to hang your favorite ornament — magical moments like these are some of the greatest gifts of the holiday season. Of course, you can’t order these experiences online nor package them with a neat little bow — but you can always take a deep breath and remember them with a little help from Scentsy! The Scents of the Season Collection captures the fragrances of five classic yuletide memories:

Bayberry & Currant brings a natural touch

For those who love to bundle up and experience the outdoors during the winter, the Bayberry & Currant Scentsy Bar brings that natural splendor into your home. With notes of peppery bayberry, fresh juniper and bright currant, this fragrance evokes frosted nature trails and homemade wreaths.

Cookies for Santa rekindles Christmas magic

Baking treats for old St. Nick is a time-honored tradition in many families. The Cookies for Santa bar takes you back to those magical moments with the scent of baked sugar cookies, brown sugar and a sip of milk. This fragrance makes it easy to indulge in sweet memories without breaking out the baking sheets!

Fireside Chats warms the heart

One of the simple pleasures of the holidays is warming up by the fire with close friends. The Fireside Chats fragrance is an ode to these cozy gatherings, combining the warm scents of cinnamon and smoldering embers with comforting notes of nutmeg and blood orange. Don’t have a fireplace? Just pop this Scentsy Bar in your favorite warmer and reminisce with old friends!

Spiced Apple Chestnut makes merry

What better way to welcome the holiday season than sipping a cup of good cheer? The Spiced Apple Chestnut Scentsy Bar is the distillation of cozy holiday beverages, with notes of apple, maplewood and spiced rum. This is the perfect fragrance for remembering merry moments!

Wassail Wonderland brews warm nostalgia

Speaking of holiday beverages, this bar is a nod to a winter classic! Wassail Wonderland is an enticing concoction of scents, including orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick. Light notes of fresh fir needles complete the scene and transport you to snow-covered forests. If you’ve ever sipped a cup of warm wassail beside a Christmas tree, this fragrance will help you relive the moment.

Making new memories

Maybe you’ve never tasted wassail or owned a fireplace. Maybe your family always left a healthy snack for Santa on Christmas Eve. No matter the case, these wonderous fragrances are perfect for setting the mood at any holiday gathering. In fact, the Scents of the Season Collection just might help you create new magical memories this year. Want the full experience? Try out the whole collection in one convenient bundle!


  1. Patsy Hawke

    I’m so glad to see Wassail Wonderland back. It’s one of my favs to warm at Christmas (or all winter long for that matter). I ordered myself and a few customers a set (or two teehee) and I cannot wait to try Fireside Chats.

  2. Kathy Seymour

    Are the above scents a bundle.?

    • Scentsy

      Yes! Click on the “bundle” link at the bottom of the post to shop ?

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