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Heidi and Orville sitting in rocking chairs for Scentsy Rock-a-Thon

Before Heidi and Orville Thompson launched Scentsy as a direct selling company in 2004, they chose to decide what kind of company it would be. Direct selling needs teamwork, inspiration, celebration and community — without a strong support system and motivated leaders, the model just doesn’t work. But how would Scentsy be different? How would the Scentsy opportunity bring value to the world in a new way?

Contribute more than you take

The Thompsons wanted Scentsy to be a company that gives — not just in the lives of Consultants, employees and their families, but to the communities where we live and work. So they set out to build a business on three core values: Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity. From the beginning, they established a community of contributors.

Here’s how that mission plays out in a million different ways, large and small, all around the world:

  • Every time a Scentsy Consultant takes a new team member under her wing or invites a stranger to sit with her at a Scentsy event — just to reach out a hand in friendship.
  • Every Summer, when our employees and local Consultants spend an entire day in rocking chairs to raise money for a worthy cause in our hometown.
  • Each time a customer chooses to shop in support of an organization that matters. This season, it’s Make-A-Wish®. And beginning Feb. 1, we’ll rally in support of a new cause that’s dear to our hearts: Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

That’s what service looks like at Scentsy. And that’s why we’re proud to be part of this community — this Scentsy family.

“A day on, not a day off”

Scentsy volunteers at the Women's & Children's alliance booth

Every year, on the third Monday in January, we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with a day of service — it’s actually the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service. This year is the 25th anniversary of the holiday, so don’t let the day pass by you. Let’s start the year with a renewed commitment to serve in our communities.

“Everyone can be great because everybody can serve” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Not sure where to begin? Start where Scentsy started:

Keep it simple

Your act of service doesn’t have to be grand. Remember the parable of the starfish: You might not be able to help every single washed-up starfish back into the sea, but doing what you can — tossing even one starfish back into the water — makes a difference to that one.

Be Authentic

It can be difficult to find the time or energy to serve. To help, choose a cause or event that inspires you, with a mission you love. When you have a personal investment, you’re more likely to give it your best.

Lead with a generous heart

It’s not about perfection or gold stars or changing the whole world in one day. It’s about showing up with a true desire to give, bringing your families or others along when you can, opening your eyes to see the needs of others — then rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

Scentsy employees group photo while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Start small, then watch it grow

Imagine what 2020 could be if we all commit to small acts of service this year, and share just a little more kindness every day.

In honor of MLK day, open your heart. Give your time away. Smile at strangers. Volunteer as often as you can. Lead by example and instill that desire to serve in your kids. Keep it simple, authentic and generous.

Even the smallest acts can ripple and spread. We can all be great. We can all serve.

Heidi Thompson volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Every person has the power to give, but when we come together in the name of service, amazing things happen! If you’re looking for a supportive, encouraging community that serves, come sit with us — we’re always looking to grow. To learn more about joining Scentsy, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or find one at


  1. Catrina D. Doolin

    Will ever bring back the Pomegranate Pear. I love this scent. Do you know what combinations of your fragrances I can use to recreate rhat scent?

  2. Catrina D. Doolin

    Oops, I meant to say, “Will you ever bring back the pomegranate pear scent bars!”

    • Scentsy

      It’s possible! You can vote for it to come back during our next Bring Back My Bar promotion. Keep in touch with your Scentsy Consultant for when the promotion voting starts. ?

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