Your favorite décor style says more about you than you think

From a haircut to a favorite pair of jeans, our style says a lot about us. These choices are part of how we express ourselves to the world. The style of décor you choose for your home can be just as powerful an expression — home is where the heart is, after all. Here are just a few design decisions that may reveal more than you expect!

Living simply

Maybe you live on a ranch, or perhaps rustic décor just adds a calming note to your hectic city life. Regardless of where you call home, you can’t go wrong with adding a splash of country to your décor. This aesthetic is all about appreciating life’s simple pleasures — incorporating reclaimed wood, tin and other fixtures of farmhouse life, this style is perfect for anyone nostalgic for simpler times. If you’d love to step into a Norman Rockwell painting, this is the interior design choice for you. And what country experience would be complete without the alluring smell of pies in the oven? Adding scents from our bakery fragrance family to your décor will have you feeling home on the range.

Steal the scene

Joy and elegance are equal partners in this exuberant style, allowing you to make any space capital-F Fabulous. This décor can be used sparingly, or to absolutely deck-out your home in glitter and sparkles — and each approach can be revealing. Glamorous accents used to elevate your interior design suggest you appreciate the finer things in life. Making this flashy style the centerpiece of your décor firmly declares you aren’t afraid to let your wild side show. Whether you opt for minimalist or expressive décor, our fruit fragrances will make a perfect pairing — from subtle citruses to bold berries.

Back to nature

Whether you’re an avid camper or just yearn for the peace and quiet of the wilderness, this aesthetic can help you bring the outdoors in. Pairing well with “living simply” design sensibilities, natural décor excludes the elaborate and celebrates the rugged. Some ambitious designers may even go as far as incorporating camping equipment into their homes — carabiner coat hangers, anyone? Adopting this style means trying to capture the majesty of nature in your home, something our woods fragrances are very well-suited for.


When you need to take care of business, a few inspiring words can make a world of difference. For those who’ve made the work-from-home grind a way of life, incorporating these motivational reminders into your living space gives you the boost you need to reach that next milestone. From stocking your shelves with personal growth books to throw pillows with words of wisdom, an inspirational style is all about centering yourself on your goals. Consider adding fragrances from our fresh family of scents — with calming aromas of mint and fresh cut grass, these smells can keep you calm and focused.

Décor? What décor?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the “none of the above” option. With so many people working from home, finding the time to decorate your space can feel impossible. Don’t let this get you down! Even a cluttered kitchen counter, complete with work laptop and half-eaten toast, can be a powerful aesthetic — reflecting the unique rhythm of your busy life.

No matter your style, if you’re looking to add enticing fragrance to your home, our Fall/Winter 2020 Catalog has you covered, with a huge range of stylish items that feel right at home in any space. Is there a type of décor you’d like to see us highlight in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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