How to find the best CBD products

Today, there are several companies manufacturing CBD products. The most popular of them are called Charlotte's Web, hemp oil, and hemp gel. Each product has its own unique quality. Hemp products are used mainly in cosmetic and pharmaceuticals applications. CBD supplements are now being marketed worldwide. They are sold as nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, and topical creams. However, some people are still concerned about their side effects or long term usage.

Hemp oil is made from the hemp plants grown on a small scale in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. CBD is the major ingredient that gives the oil its distinctive odor. Cannabidiol, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating phytochemical found in hemp plants in 1940. It accounts for up to forty percent of the total plant's extract and is one of eleven identified CBD compounds in hemp plants. Its scientific name, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin, or CBD, is derived from the Greek word "cannabis," meaning "a plant used for medicinal purposes." CBD is believed to have antioxidant properties and to possess antispasmodic properties. Because it is non-intoxicating, it is believed to have fewer side effects than many conventional drugs, such as Viagra and Ritalin.

Hemp products and hemp oil are also useful for relieving muscle spasms, convulsions, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, anxiety, and muscle tension. Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it may be used to alleviate the symptoms associated with various other medical conditions. CBD is also thought to be beneficial in treating depression. Because of its high concentration of cannabidiol, hemp oil is believed to have a low toxicity compared to conventional drugs. As such, hemp oil is often marketed as an alternative medicine. In addition to its potential uses, it may be applied topically on the skin to relieve itching, inflammation, and redness.

How do you find the best CBD products that are natural and can help you with pain, anxiety, depression, stress and other medical ailments? Well, you should look into the different kinds of products that are available, and always be sure to compare the best CBD oil brands. If anxiety is what you're looking to resolve, then try CBD oils from Gold Bee. Available in delicious kiwi and honey flavors, it's a delicious and natural way to ease anxiety and restlessness. Like edible snacks instead? Try the CBD gummies.

Summer fragrances you’ll dig!


Nature inspires many of our favorite fragrances, and it’s no wonder. Whether it’s capturing the first sunny days of spring, a treasured trip to the beach or a quiet hike through the forest, many of our Spring/Summer Scentsy Bars feature fragrant plants and flowers.

But you don’t need to take a vacation to experience the sights and smells that make spring and summer so memorable. Just plant some of your favorite perennials and enjoy stunning fragrance all season long.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! Here are some AMAZING Scentsy Bars and the flowers they’re inspired by, so you can enjoy the fragrance without the work!


lilacs & violetsThese classic blooms add a burst of clean floral fragrance with a kiss of honey and a whisper of jasmine. Available in a spectrum of colors including white, lavender, indigo and magenta, lilacs grow best in plenty of afternoon sun and well-drained soil. Except for regular pruning, it’s a low-maintenance plant you’ll enjoy year after year.

Love lilac? Try Lilacs & Violets: Perfect combination of lilacs and violets — the smell of spring!


lush gardeniaThis exotic flowering bush features gorgeous white blooms with intoxicating floral and green notes. Though highly fragrant, gardenias can be finicky, requiring high humidity and frequent pruning. Typically found in the south or in climates with mild winters, gardenias can also be grown in pots and moved indoors during winter.

Love gardenia? Try Lush Gardenia: The creamy, full scent of classic gardenia, with a whisper of tuberose.


mariposa lilyThese beauties feature large blooms with a spicy and sweet floral fragrance. A hearty bulb, lilies are easy to grow and require little maintenance. By combining early, mid- and late-season varieties, you can enjoy these striking flowers all summer long.

Love lilies? Try Mariposa Lily: Mariposa lily blooms with sugar apple and pineapple slices.


you're my buttercupCheerful, golden-yellow cup-shaped flowers feature yellow petals and a soft, somewhat sweet fragrance. They provide a bright pop of color from early spring well into the summer, and are great in borders, containers and wildflower fields.

Love buttercups? Try You’re My Buttercup: Sweet apple, juicy pear and yellow buttercups swirl as softly as a summer day, while a wisp of white musk quietly charms in the background.


french lavenderA flowering plant in the mint family, this wildly popular herb features gray-green narrow leaves and small violet flowers. It thrives in sunny, arid climates, requires very little water, and, except for fall pruning, requires very little attention.

Love lavender? Try French Lavender: Pure, herbal fragrance of wild lavender from the hills of France.

Share your favorite Scentsy fragrances and the flowers and plants that inspire them in the comments section. To purchase any of our Spring/Summer 2017 fragrances, contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

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