Fragrance and fashion unite

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It’s Fashion Week! And style watchers everywhere are officially in the zone, spying new trends and coveting the latest wardrobe must-haves. For most, once the new pieces are securely in their closet, it’s time to accessorize and find just the right fragrance for a final layer of polish.

We all know that fashion and fragrance have always been natural allies — they both celebrate self-expression and creative exploration. But marrying the two thematically is an approach perfumers have been playing with lately by tying their fragrances to fashion-related elements, from textiles to tailoring.

For example, perfumer Jo Malone wove fabric inspiration into her Peony & Blush Suede fragrance, while Gucci took another approach with Made to Measure, both a cologne and the name of the brand’s tailoring service.

Scentsy has always paired scent and style through our diverse, finely crafted collection of fragrances and fragrance delivery systems, like warmers, diffusers and our brand-new Scentsy Go. Whether you’re into modern, classic, retro, minimalist or any variation thereof, we offer countless ways to have stylish fun with fragrance.

This season — like every season! — our New Releases are brimming with beautiful, complex fragrances developed by our expert perfumers. But there are a handful of new scents that go especially well with the latest fashion leanings.

Here are our picks for the Fall/Winter 2017 New Releases that best complement some of the season’s top fashion trends:

  • Trend: Vintage
    Fragrance: Vanilla Oud. With sweet vanilla grounded by earthy oud wood, this fragrance has an undeniably warm, vintage vibe.
  • Trend: Western Front
    Fragrance: Homestead Holiday features blood orange and cinnamon freshened by fir needle, in a fitting nod to the old frontier.
  • Trend: 70’s Plaid
    Fragrance: Love & Happiness, baby! Glazed chestnut, vanilla and sugarcane define temptation.
  • Trend: Deconstructed Classics
    Fragrance: Apple & Cinnamon Sticks, Holly Berry Cinnamon and Spiced Fruit Cider all take tried-and-true fragrance combinations and give them a cool twist with notes like oak, cassis and pomegranate.

To experience our Fall/Winter 2017 New Releases, contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, click here.


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    Kelly McRae

    Love love love your products!! I have several warmers ALL over my house!! I do have many favourite scents, but my ALL TIME FAVOURITE is………Vanilla Suede!! Nothing compares to it!! You could say I’m a bit obsessed with it!! ? When my consultant told me it was back I was over the moon!! And then, just like that, it was GONE!! ???? Please please please reconsider and “bring back my bar” I just can’t live without it!!
    Sincerely Sad and Disappointed,
    Vanilla Suede Lover!!

    • 2

      Hi Kelly, we know how hard it is when a favorite scent is discontinued. It’s always possible for a past fragrance to return, but letting some of our favorites go means there’s opportunities to find new favorites to warm up to! ?

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