Enliven the Senses: Top six fragrance insights

Enliven the Senses Week is all about celebrating the impact fragrance has throughout our life. We kicked off the festivities by exploring the memory-forming magic of scent, with Scentsy employees sharing their favorite fragrance memories. But beyond reminiscing, what role do great scents play in our everyday life? We surveyed 2000 adults across the U.S. to find out! Here’s what we discovered:

1 – Fragrance gets the party started

Almost 70% of survey respondents worry their homes may smell bad to others. Most people surveyed ranked fragrance as being more important for entertaining guests than having food, music or even seating!

2 – Smoke is the worst

Homes that smelled of smoke kept 58% of respondents from entertaining guests in the past, narrowly beating out the scent of sink water. Pssst — Scentsy Warmers are a great way to fragrance your living space without smoke, soot or flame!

3 – Sweet victory

When asked which fragrance they’d most like to experience when visiting someone else’s home, 63% of respondents favored sweet scents, narrowly beating out floral scents (61%).

4 – People will do just about anything for great fragrance

Many respondents shared surprising stories about how far they’ve gone to scent their homes in the past, from cutting up fruit to buying cookie dough just for the fresh-baked smell!

Scentsy Bakery fragrance notes stylized shot

5 – There’s no scent like home

Two-thirds of people surveyed feel their home has a “signature scent,” with the vast majority of respondents saying their home’s fragrance is a direct reflection of who they are.

6 – Fragrance makes life richer

A whopping 77% of people surveyed said their entire day improves when they surround themselves with good scents. From relaxing to doing chores, respondents reported fragrance enriched these experiences.

Scentsy Fruit fragrance stylized shot

We want to hear from you!

What’s your home’s signature fragrance? Which household activity is enriched when you surround yourself with your favorite scents? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Cheyenne

    Where are your fragrance shipped from?

    • Scentsy

      Our Scentsy Bars are made and shipped from Meridian, Idaho!

  2. Karen Copley

    Our signature scent is Blueberry cheesecake ,my little girl loves it !! It’s our always in the order bar ,we try other’s so we don’t go nose blind ( that’s when you smell the same smell to long it’s like it doesn’t work anymore ) …?

  3. Jessica

    I love or obsessed, which ever way wanna look at it, hehe, with Tinsel Berry warmed in my kitchen! It just puts me in a pleasant mood to ease the the mood for doing dishes!

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