The science behind scent

science of scent

At Scentsy, our sense of smell is everything

It’s what guides our business, excites our fans and helps us break new ground every season. We’re obsessed with the way scent conjures memories and inspires daydreams, and how it can transform your environment and your perspective in an instant.

Have you ever wondered about the science behind our complex relationship with fragrance? Even the not-so-pleasant odors have a place in our lives and memories. But why?

To unravel the mystery, here are some facts about how our sense of smell works:

  • Humans can detect more than 10,000 different scents thanks to specialized olfactory receptor neurons lining the nose.
  • No two people interpret any of these scents identically, which means our experiences are totally unique.
  • Research suggests that the brain is very good at memorizing smells and can even recall specific scents long after they were first experienced.
  • The nose and smell operate much like the tongue and taste by using sensitive nerve endings to detect chemicals, then communicate them to our brain.
  • The brain receives these signals, then interacts with your memory center to either identify the smell or tell you if it’s new and unfamiliar.

What are some of the scents that trigger your favorite memories? Have you found the Scentsy fragrances that capture them? If not, be sure to contact your Consultant for guidance! If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.


  1. Crystal Lee

    Can you take payments so or how about fee sign up. I would like to join. And sell Scentsy but don’t have money . To do it. Can you help me? please and ty

    • Scentsy

      Hi Crystal! We are so happy you are excited to start a Scentsy business. Unfortunately at this time we do not take payments for the starter kit and to join. We would also recommend reaching out to a Consultant near you to see what kind of information they might be able to provide you to help you get started with Scentsy.

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