Happy International Fragrance Day!

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As an international fragrance company, we believe March 21, International Fragrance Day, is something to celebrate! So, pop a few cubes of your favorite Scentsy Bar into a Scentsy Warmer, and celebrate scent with some fun fragrance facts!

Did you know… 

The old school of thought taught us the average person could distinguish over 10,000 different fragrances. The new school teaches us we can actually smell at least 1 TRILLION distinct fragrances.

Women have a better sense of smell than men. Sorry, fellas.

Your nose helps you enjoy all the noms. The tongue distinguishes between four flavors – sweet, sour, bitter and salty, and your nose weighs in to distinguish other tastes like savory, metallic and spicy.

Candles sales are big business. Sales in the U.S. alone are approximately $3.2 billion annually, and candles are used in 7 out of 10 households! (If you’re a Scentsy Consultant, that’s a HUGE market for you; if you want to BE a Scentsy Consultant, join now!)

Ever wonder why a certain fragrance sparks a memory? It’s because the scent region of your brain is housed in the limbic system, which is associated with memory and emotion.

Can’t smell your favorite Scentsy Bar warming anymore? You’re likely suffering from olfactive fatigue. Take a break by warming a fragrance from our New Releases collection and go back to your favorite fragrance after you’ve “cleansed your palate.” Learn more about olfactive fatigue here.

Fragrance impacts mood. If you’re having a bad day, smelling something pleasant will make you happier. Sunkissed Citrus to the rescue!

What fragrances make you feel good or evoke special memories? Tell us in the comments below!

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