Meet the Scentsy Fragrance Development team!

Scentsy Product Development Team

Scentsy is a worldwide leader in fragrance development, and every new scent we design is a memory just waiting to be made — or remembered. Have you ever wondered who is behind the design and selection of the amazing Scentsy fragrances you know and love?

Striking the perfect balance

Our Fragrance Development team is at the center of it all, blending artistry and science to ensure a well-rounded, breathtaking collection of new and returning scents each season — plus a steady flow of specialty wax collections, Scents of the Month, seasonal must-haves and limited-time offers throughout the year.

“Scentsy has access to the best fragrance development talent in the industry and works with the top fragrance producers and perfumers in the world,” said Renee Rippey, Product Development Manager. “We have a pulse point on the industry to ensure we stay on top of the latest and greatest fragrance trends, and we also rely on our fabulous Consultants to provide their input on what they want to smell next! That magic combination allows us to always offer something new, fresh and compelling.”

Person flipping through color palette

The art of fragrance

Fragrance is so personal, so it requires thoughtful, loving design to help people connect with their emotions, their memories and each other. It also takes an incredible variety to ensure every Consultant and customer can find something new to love each season. It’s a multi-sensory experience — from the scent itself to the color of the wax, the pattern on the packaging, the fragrance name, fragrance family and how it’s positioned in marketing — and the Fragrance Development team works closely with many Scentsy teams to ensure a fabulous, well-rounded experience for every fragrance.

Click here to learn more about the fragrance families.

A typical day for the team includes “smelling, smelling and more smelling!” From testing new fragrances — for example, there’s a 48-hour, in-use performance check for all new Scentsy Bar scents — to studying industry trends and collaborating with perfumers to develop something new and exciting, the expert noses on the team experience and sign off on each Scentsy fragrance.

Did you know? Every Scentsy Bar is tested for “cold throw,” the impression of a fragrance smelled directly from its clamshell packaging, and “warm throw,” the impression of a fragrance while warming in a Scentsy Warmer.

People smelling fragrances to test them

The science of scent

No two fragrances are created alike, and each new scent has its own fragrance formula — the unique, complex combination of ingredients that determine its character — along with a special formulation of variables like color, density, vapor pressure and specific gravity that contribute to how the fragrance smells and performs across products. It’s up to our Fragrance Development team to smell, smell, smell everyday and address any technical issues so we can deliver the best fragrance and product experience possible.

Once satisfied with testing, the team presents final fragrance candidates to Heidi and Orville Thompson, Scentsy’s Co-CEOs, to gain their point of view — even among all their other responsibilities, the Thompsons always try to smell everything and provide feedback before a fragrance reaches the market.

Click here to learn more about the Scent Pyramid, the composition of Scentsy fragrances.

Finding a new way to work

In this season of remote work, the Fragrance Development team has had to quickly embrace a completely new day-to-day, including remote smelling sessions and out-of-office collaboration.

“We’ve had to become more comfortable working individually and trusting our noses to guide us down the right path,” Renee said. “The intense growth of Scentsy over the past few months provides even more opportunity for us to develop new fragrances for our customers!”

Heidi looking at a mood board with various scents and color palettes on it

Fill your life with fragrance

At Scentsy, we love fragrance and how it makes life better. The entire Scentsy team is fragrance-obsessed, and for good reason — we’ve experienced the power of fragrance firsthand, the way it enlivens our homes, brings people together and helps us hold on to some of our most cherished memories. But it’s the experts on the Fragrance Development team who make it all possible.

And if the new Fall/Winter 2020 Catalog fragrances are any indication, their noses certainly know best! Keep up the wonderful work, Fragrance Development!

To shop Scentsy fragrances, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one and shop at


  1. Nicola Noel

    I think we should look at how we can develop scent into other products which are coming to the fore such as shampoo bars and conditioner bars. Developing these products would greatly enhance the body range – if we see what Lush is offering there is a huge market potential for us to tap into. Bars promote an environmentally friendly approach which is particularly important to our young people and future purchasers . I for one would love to be involved .

    • Scentsy

      We always love a good idea! Check out Idea Share on your Workstation where you can vote on existing ideas, or submit your own when inspiration strikes! ?

  2. L Wolfe

    Please bring back the scents – Mulberry Bush, Hazelnut Latte & Dreamsicle

  3. Holley Ruggels

    hubby and I love berry fairytale. Can the put this in a spray.(room spray or perfume) If not is there any scents close to it.

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