DIY Pumpkins

Nothing says “trick or treat” like a festive front door.

This Halloween, why not step up your decorating game? Welcome ghosts and goblins and gremlins alike with these simple DIY pumpkins which are sure to bring all the candy hunters your way!


  1. Paint a pumpkin with black and white stripes for a fun way to mix it up. Paint the stem gold to glam it up!
  2. Use a cookie cutter to punch star shapes into a pumpkin. Add star dust by drilling holes of various sizes around the stars. If you don’t have an electric drill, an awl will also work.
  3. Use a non-serrated paring knife to etch a pumpkin instead of carving one. Make up a pattern all your own, or use a template!



While you’re decorating your pumpkins, make sure you’re warming a fragrance inspired by everyone’s favorite gourd – Pumpkin Roll or Pumpkin Marshmallow will work perfectly!

Looking for fall fragrances? Your Consultant can help you find just the thing to complete your autumn ambiance. Don’t have a Consultant? You can find one here!

Happy Halloween!

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