Get your home ready for summer!

We might spend more time outside in the summer

Especially when there’s a pool, lake or sea full of swim-ready H2O nearby — but there’s no reason to lose that sunny feeling when you go inside! It only takes a little effort (and color!) to add bright, carefree summer style to your home.

Here are a few ideas to get you there:

Add a splash or two of color — to all the rooms.

  • You decorate the whole house for Christmas, why not jazz up the place for summer? It’s easier (and less expensive) than ever to find bright accessories like throw pillows, wall art and knick-knacks. Check out your local craft store for ready-made décor or everything you need to DIY. 
  • To avoid too much clutter, find accents that pull double-duty. Put a Southern Hospitality Warmer on your shelf or plug in the Pink Watercolor Mini Warmer, add sunny fragrance and get two-for-one summer ambiance.

Make those summer vibes stick with bright, getaway-style fragrances like:

Throw open the shades and let that sunshine in!

  • Just about everything looks better bathed in natural light. (Except dust bunnies.)
  • Sunlight is life! It won’t just help your home look bright and welcoming, it will also lift your spirits.
  • Waking up with the sun helps your day begin a bit, well, brighter! Forget blackout curtains this summer and arise with the light of another awesome day.
  • Sunshine feeds your soul — and your plants. Summer heat can be punishing on delicate flowers, so bring your blooms indoors for a just-bright-enough respite from harsh rays. Bonus: Colorful, hardy flowers like the African Violet make your home feel lush year-round.
Hat with some plants in sacks

How do you get your home summer-ready? Tell us in the comments, then get out there and soak up the sun!

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