The best home décor trends for fall 2022

The sky is always the first to tell us that the endless sun-drenched days of summer are ready to give way to migrating flocks, harvest moons and early twilight.

In fall, we turn to all things cozy and homey to embrace the rhythm of the seasons. And we seek to bring the feel of crisp air and the fruits of summer’s labor inside. Here’s how to incorporate amazing fall décor and fragrance into your home to match your personality and style:


Casual and coastal meet cable knit and cardigans. Layering is also key for autumn home décor looking to create cozy spaces for welcome gatherings and relaxation. The Aqua Glow Warmer adds a sparkle of the seas settled next to driftwood and knitted goods in a pale, earthy pallet.


After stripping back anything unnecessary, natural patterns and finishes are the key to making fall mesh seamlessly in your simplified space, like the sophistication of marble or monochromatic textures. You know what you love, and it’s time to focus on those things.


Incorporate luxe curves and welcoming shapes along with brilliance and sparkle to make the most of this fall trend. It’s all about hitting the perfect balance between opulence and practicality. For example, combine the pizzazz of a Crush – Diamond Warmer with luxe fabrics and mirrored surfaces to achieve a sophisticated glam vibe.

Positive vibes

It’s time to bring fun, optimism and a touch of nonconformity into your home. Choose décor with uplifting symbols and phrases that express your love, life and faith. Bring that brighter outlook with bold colors for fall, like pomegranate and yellow. In other words, make your heart your home.  


Designers are going wild for earthy colors and nature’s patterns as a way to bring both a sense of peace and a pop of personality to home décor. Boho enthusiasts focus on décor that emphasizes relaxation punctuated by chic home accessories, like the Tiger Jasper Warmer.


Use warm tones and earthy pallets punctuated with a dash of muted color. Anything that echoes the beauty and rhythm of nature will bring the calm. Soft light and natural materials like leather, jute and wicker will help complete the look, illuminated by the frosted Pretty in Purple Mini Warmer.


Traditional and vintage meld seamlessly with modern charm in the wonder of farmhouse style. Intricate patterns are whimsical and help break up a bit of the monotony from the white shiplap, barn doors and natural linens.

Make your home reflect your personality and style this fall. Have a friend who can’t resist Boho, tag her! Your sister is remodeling her home into modern farmhouse? Share these tips and links for design inspiration. We’d love to hear below how you’re bringing fall inside.


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