Find it at the farmers market

There is nothing, nothing, like those first breezy days of fall

You can actually smell it in the air, that cool-weather anticipation. Back-to-school, football kickoffs, everything pumpkin, jacket weather, hearty soups and stews – we want it all.

But one of the best things about this fair-weather season just might be waiting for you at the local farmers market.

It’s not only a place to shop, or eat, or people-watch. It’s a feeling. For some, going to the market on Saturday morning is as given a ritual as Sunday morning church. It’s a friendly place to take your family, or even a charming day date. You can immerse yourself in hometown culture and community. Plus, there’s tons of food (and free samples). If you aren’t a fan yet, it’s likely only because you haven’t gone.

But, as with all good things in life, once something gains ground in popularity, it also becomes really hard to find a place to park.

Woman shopping at a farmers market while lots of people move around in the background

Here are a few tips to make the most of your local farmers market:

Come early

At the farmers market, the early bird catches the worm. (Rather, the choicest apples without worms). If you want to avoid listless lettuce and bottom of the barrel beefsteaks, show up when the market opens and make a beeline for your must-have booths. The sooner you lock down your essentials, the faster you can slow way down. Markets are meant for meandering, not hustle and bustle.

Come hungry

The market is a sampler’s paradise, and there is always something new to try: scratch-made dips, salsas and sauces, roasted nuts, home-brewed root beer, sweet kettle corn – all ripe for the tasting. Most markets also feature local food trucks and other homemade treats to purchase while you browse. Fill your belly and plan new cooking adventures based on your favorite flavors.

Different vegetables at a farmers market for sale

BYOB (Bring your own bags)

Avoid juggling your market finds and bring your own sturdy tote bags. If you plan on picking up fruits and veggies, choosing bags that breathe – like burlap, 100% cotton or even mesh – to avoid moisture collecting in transit. Vendors might offer paper bags, but you don’t want to risk breaking a handle and bruising your prettiest peach. Over-the-shoulder straps are a must, so you hands can be free for plucking those toothpick-ready samples from booth to booth.

Savor the stroll

It’s not just about getting fresh produce or supporting your local growers, makers, butchers and bakers – it’s about embracing that carefree Saturday morning mindset. If Friday night is for fun, let Saturday be your long, lazy exhale after a busy workweek. Bring someone you want to hold hands with, and dress in layers for those unexpected breezes or sunbeams – it’s a transitional season, so who knows what the weather might bring? Don’t let anything disrupt your chance to linger.

Farmers market with lots of people walking around

Expect the unexpected

Most markets don’t just feature what’s grown on the farm. You can usually also shop artist’s wares, quirky antiques or secondhand “junk” handmade jewelry and locally made everything, among loads of other small-business sellers. As you wander, don’t be surprised if you see a Scentsy booth. If you do, stop in and stock up on your favorite Scentsy Bars, or pick up our Farmers Market fragrance and bring the essence of Saturday morning home to enjoy all week long.

Don’t want to wait for the weekend? Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website to shop. To find a Consultant near you, head over to

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