Great ways to avoid the crowds this Fourth of July

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Like many celebrations in 2020, the Fourth of July is bound to feel a little different this year. While they are time-honored traditions, large backyard barbecues and crowded parades present a challenge when it comes to social distancing. Even public firework shows — usually the main event of the holiday — have been canceled across the country. But make no mistake, there are still plenty of incredible ways your family can celebrate our nation’s independence!

Plan a trip to experience our country’s natural beauty

What better way to honor this country than to get out and experience it! Many state and national parks around the nation have reopened, and it’s not too late to plan a memorable trip for the whole family. Just research the sites in your area and make sure they’ll be open by July 4. Whether you live a stone’s throw away from purple mountain majesties, fruited plains or either shining sea, chances are you’ve got some amazing options for where to spend Independence Day!

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Learn more about our shared history

The Fourth of July can be an incredible learning opportunity for kids and parents alike. Celebrate our nation’s birthday by exploring the stories of the people, events and ideas that shaped it. There are many great documentaries on U.S. history spread across popular streaming sites that break down everything from the Revolution to putting a man on the moon. Watching one of these entertaining programs is perfect whether you want to brush up on your own historical knowledge or teach your kids about how the Fourth of July became a holiday.

Lend a helping hand in your community

While our land and history are certainly important, this country couldn’t exist without the communal bonds that unite us. The recent public health crisis has been a reminder of just how vital we, the people, are to one another. Consider helping a local charity this Independence Day to lend a hand to fellow Americans in need. Food banks can always use some extra donations this time of year — you can even get your whole neighborhood involved! You may not be able to get together for a big barbecue, but you can come together in spirit to make sure everyone has a full plate this Fourth of July.

Pursue happiness — or at least some peace and quiet

Of course, none of this is to say that you have to do something extravagant this year. There’s nothing wrong with a low-key July 4 — especially right now. It’s been a particularly stressful stretch of months, and this may be the perfect opportunity to take a breath and re-center yourself. Think of it as honoring our constitutional liberties by exercising your right to relax for once!

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These are just a handful of ideas on how we can celebrate Independence Day this year. If you have any fun, creative plans of your own, we’d love to hear them in the comments.


  1. Justine Jackson Reply

    Good old fashioned family fun..because this year is extremely difficult. We have decided to let the kids participate in night time swimming…just drop a few glow sticks in the pool and let them have at it.

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