Tips for midcentury modern home décor

Mid-century modern interior decor

Give your home a midcentury modern makeover!

Expressive yet minimal, artful yet practical, retro yet enduring — midcentury modernism is filled with contradictions. Maybe the striking way these opposites come together is why midcentury décor is beloved today. Then again, popular TV shows set in the ’50s and ’60s probably have something to do with it. No matter what draws your attention to midcentury modern designs, we’ve got a few simple tips to help capture this unique aesthetic.

Let colors pop, but don’t go overboard

Many of the elements that made midcentury décor so appealing in the post-war United States are just as attractive today. However, the abundance of loud colors preferred by designers 60 years ago haven’t aged as well. The experts over at recommend using pops of bright color throughout your décor. This gives your home the same bold, cheerful charm midcentury designs are famous for — without overwhelming the senses.

Embrace practical décor

Designs that save space, such as nesting furniture, are a hallmark of midcentury modernism — and a great way to get the most out of your home! While it is possible to find replicas from this design era, there’s no need to break the bank in the name of authenticity. As Architectural Digest notes, you can achieve a midcentury vibe by finding décor with clean lines, organic curves and no frills. The Etched Core and Terrazzo Scentsy Warmers are perfect examples of a modern take on this timeless look.

Add some foliage

The midcentury home was meant to be an oasis of natural scenery, in contrast to the factory lines and office spaces of the time. Houseplants were particularly popular during this period, and much of the décor featured soft curves reminiscent of leaves and petals. So, if you’ve got houseplants, congratulations! You’re already on your way to nailing this popular design style. Nature-inspired Scentsy products such as the Pear-fect Warmer and Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar add a fragrant spin on this nod to nature.

Make it your own

Unless you’re designing a set for a period drama, there’s no need to re-create every detail of this classic style. Midcentury modernism reflected the practical optimism of the post-war era. It was a time when the world had seen a lot of change and people were looking to bring a sense of hope and happiness into their homes. With this in mind, perhaps the most midcentury modern design decision you can make is to decorate whatever way brings you the most joy!

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