Scentsy Wellness: meditation and relaxation

This week we take a look at the mental and emotional side of wellness. Stress is an all-too-common roadblock on the path to better health, but there are ways to overcome it. Practices like mindfulness meditation and simple self-care exercises can help soothe your nerves and lighten your mental load. Here’s an overview of some common techniques to help you relax:

Recite self-affirmations

It sounds simple, but learning to be kind to yourself can be as important as it is difficult. Affirming your self-worth isn’t about forcing a smile or wowing others — it’s about reminding yourself that you’re already enough. Saying or writing down phrases that affirm the qualities you love about yourself can make a big difference. In fact, many studies have documented the wide-ranging wellness benefits of this practice. As research published in the Annual Review of Psychology observed: “Timely affirmations have been shown to improve education, health, and relationship outcomes.”

Practice mindfulness meditation

Put very simply, mindfulness meditation is the practice of observing yourself in the present moment. While many techniques exist, a great place to start is to focus on your breathing. As thoughts of the outside world inevitably occupy your attention, just return to the steady in-and-out of the air in your lungs. It can be helpful to remember that mindfulness is different than self-reflection. Think of it as a trip to an aquarium rather than a deep-sea expedition. Instead of analyzing every thought and feeling you encounter, just take a step back and watch as they drift by.

Create a relaxing space

While the techniques mentioned above can help you relax, being in a soothing space can set the mood. You don’t need a special room dedicated to meditation — a small change can still create a calming atmosphere. Dim the lights at home, put on noise-canceling headphones at work or just make yourself a cup of tea! Comforting scents from your favorite Scentsy Bars and Natural Oils are perfect for adding an air of relaxation to any space.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to de-stress while improving other wellness areas! Sticking to a fitness routine can prove incredibly calming, while purifying your home’s air can give you peace of mind.

What are your go-to ways of relaxing? Let us know in the comments!

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