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As children, we quickly learn to make the most out of each summer day

Launching bicycles at sunup and stumbling through the front door at sundown. We fill all the hours in between with so much life: popsicles, baseball games, flip flops, running through sprinklers and backyard campouts.

As adults, we lose some of that magic.

But it’s not too late to make this season a summer to remember by looking after yourself, helping others and finding inventive (and fun!) paths to a new kind of summer magic.

Here are several ideas to make the most of your summer:

Get involved

Few things feel better than helping other people, so get involved in your community:

  • Drop by the local community garden and offer your elbow grease.
  • Contact your child’s school or Parent Teacher Association for opportunities to help.
  • There’s no doubt your local soup kitchen or food pantry could use your time or food donations. Call for volunteer options or grab a few extra items at the grocery store and drop off.
  • Venture over to an online volunteer clearinghouse like for other ways give back in your city.

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Join in

Consider joining a club to have fun, meet new people or find entirely new hobbies.

  • Want to stretch your writing wings or perform onstage? Love cars or crafting? Find active groups of like-minded folks in your neighborhood using online forums like or, or just browse the bulletin board at your local library.
  • If you’re yearning for a livelier summer, check out for local events and athletics suited to any age and ability. Don’t forget to visit your community’s parks and recreation department for league sports, classes and activities.
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Take some ‘Me Time’

Give yourself a little digital holiday, stick your toes in some grass or the sand and have a few guilt-free minutes alone.

  • Dive into a house project you’ve been dreaming about. Paint some furniture, create a piece of artwork or take on whatever you love to do.
  • Lock the bathroom door, take a bath with that book you’ve been waiting to read, and give yourself a spa afternoon complete with manicure and deep condition.
  • Meet up with friends for a smoothie and a chat.
  • Find 20 minutes each day to relax or meditate.

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Invest in yourself

Use the summer to launch a whole new life by putting your time and investment where it will do the most good — in YOU!

  • Take some classes or master new skills using online learning portals like EdX or Udemy, many for free. Check out this neat online list of free courses you can take from colleges and universities.
  • Learn a new language. There are many apps and free online resources to learn almost any language, such as Duo.
  • Explore new job opportunities, create a new income stream or start your own side business. Our Scentsy family is dedicated to personal growth, giving more than we take and making the most of life — all year long. Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant to learn more. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

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Pick a few of these ideas, or come up with your own, and shine right along with the sun this summer!  


  1. Ru Sparks

    Great article! Thanks for the quick tips and wonderful reminders to soak up Summer!

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