Celebrate National Pumpkin Day with these tips

A mother and her daughter standing in the middle of a pumpkin patch. The mother holding a tall stack of 6 pumpkins with the biggest on the bottom and the daughter with 5 stacked pumpkins, the biggest on the bottom with a black smiley face drawn on it

The pumpkin is the symbol of autumnal celebrations, harvest festivals, Halloween décor and Thanksgiving feasts. Pumpkins take center stage at the coffee shop with pastries and lattes, as carved and painted jack-o’-lanterns on doorsteps, and even table centerpieces.

So, it makes sense we’ve set aside a day to celebrate the ever-popular orange gourd. Here are seven ways to celebrate National Pumpkin Day on Oct. 26:

  1. Gather up the kids, dress them in flannel shirts and overalls and head to the local pumpkin patch for fall fun. Pumpkin patches also make great places for date nights. Pick out your favorite pumpkin, snap some seasonal photos and feel great that you’re lending support to local growers! If you’re not sure where to find a field, visit www.pumpkinpatches.com.
  2. Once you get your pumpkins home, it’s time to scare up another great activity! Carve cute and spooky jack-o’-lantern and Halloween designs. Check out this Scentsy how-to guide to create a grinning front porch triumph. Keep the fun from exploding into a disaster of pumpkin guts with our extremely useful tips and tricks!
  3. If ritual carving isn’t your idea of a good time, bust out the paints, markers, stickers and cookie cutters to make chic, decorated and painted gourds. Get a dose of creative inspiration to release your inner autumn Da Vinci and some practical pointers from this classic Top Notes post.
  4. On National Pumpkin Day, don a themed sweater, hat or tee.
  5. Whip up some pumpkin snacks. From delectable pumpkin rolls to roasted seeds, the pumpkin lends itself to both sweet and savory treats. Pickle some pumpkin rind or mix up pumpkin chili. The standard pumpkin pie is perfect for the occasion.
  6. Pumpkins originated in Central America nearly 8,000 years ago. They’re full of nutrition, delicious flavor and store themselves. Still, how the orange gourd became a symbol of harvest with a singular day of adoration in North America is quite an interesting saga. Learn more about the history here.
  7. Fall isn’t fall without pumpkin fragrance. If you can’t bake it or make it, it makes sense to break out your favorite Scentsy pumpkin-scented products, like a Farmstand Pumpkin Scentsy Bar or Fairy Tale Pumpkin Room Spray.

How will you celebrate National Pumpkin Day? Tell us in the comments.

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