5 Ideas to make spring cleaning more enjoyable

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Ahh … spring

Nothing heralds the arrival of warmer weather quite like clearing your space and getting a fresh start. If cleaning every nook and cranny in your home feels daunting (or even downright dreadful), here are a few ways you can make this big task feel more manageable. Not everyone hates cleaning; there are people who love the process of transforming a home into something beautiful. If this sounds like you, you should consider starting a cleaning business as they can be a very lucrative venture. Take a look at https://poppies.co.uk/franchising/ to see what franchising opportunities are out there if you don’t fancy taking the leap into complete self-employment, and keep reading these tips and tricks which could also be used to boost your business’ productivity.

Break it into smaller, more manageable chunks

Depending on many factors (the size of your home, the size of your family, the number of pets you have, where your home is located, etc.), spring cleaning can be a big, exhausting job. So, make a schedule and do a little bit every day. Within a week, your home will be sparkling!

  • Monday: Bathrooms*
  • Tuesday: Bedrooms*
  • Wednesday: Kitchen
  • Thursday: Change out closets*
  • Friday: Change out bedding*
  • Saturday: Clean rugs and upholstery†
  • Sunday: Windows†

Reward progress

Though a clean start is its own reward, having something tangible and exciting you can look forward to when the work is done will motivate you to cross off everything on your to-do list. Finished putting away sweaters? Treat yourself to an ice cream. Cleaned the carpets? Sounds like someone earned a pedi! If your kids and S.O. are helping, be sure to build in meaningful rewards for them, too. Hint: Give the best rewards to the least desirable tasks.

Make a cleaning playlist

Good music makes any task more tolerable. Choose 10 to 15 jams that pump you up, or buy a few new songs to get you excited to clean. Challenge yourself to complete the day’s task before your playlist ends!

woman wearing headphones while she cleans

Try a new cleaning hack

You can find tons of smart cleaning hacks online to make the most of your time. For example, put an old, damp pillowcase over your fan blades to clean them without a mess. Give your kids an anti-bacterial wipe and have them clean baseboards. Instead of throwing away lemon peels, put them in a baggie in the freezer and toss them in your garbage disposal to deodorize it. (Bonus: They’ll even sharpen your garbage disposal’s blades!)

Find ways to make it fun

Set a timer and see how much you can get done. Race your kids to see who can clean their room the fastest. Use Scentsy Clean and Scentsy Laundry products in your favorite fragrances. Give prizes for the person who cleans the fastest, the longest or the most thorough.

animation of woman wiping a counter with Scentsy Clean

Still don’t have the time – or motivation – to do a big spring clean? Contact your Scentsy Consultant and order fresh-scented Room Sprays and Scentsy Bars. Our picks: Clothesline, By the Sea and Clean Breeze. Don’t have a Scentsy Consultant? Find one here.

*Don’t forget to delegate! If you have school-age children, have them clean their own bathroom, bedroom and closet.

†If you have the means, save time and hire a pro. Starting your own Scentsy business is a great way to earn extra money!


  1. Diane schaefer Reply

    Are you able to use safely the scentsy spray clean on a quartz countertop

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Diane, Counter Clean is safe for use on all sealed surfaces, including granite, counters, treated wood and bathroom fixtures. We would caution against using Scentsy Counter Clean if the surface is not sealed.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Enjoyed reading this!

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