Father’s Day Tips: Observe, Acknowledge, Encourage

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Who’s the man? Dad’s the man!

Fathers are spending more quality time with their children than ever before. But while Dad’s increased involvement in parenting may make him super-heroic in the eyes of his kids — Mom, too — it’s important to remember that even superheroes need encouragement sometimes.

With Father’s Day this Sunday, June 18, we thought we’d share a few simple tips to help make this year’s celebrations extra-encouraging for the dad in your life.

Tip 1: Observe

Watch what Dad is doing. See how he plays with the kids, the lessons he teaches them, the positive influence he’s having on their lives. Everything he does, big or small, is important: from changing a diaper to play-wrestling on the floor to giving wise advice. Take note of these things. This Parents.com article sheds light on what it’s like to be a father in today’s world.

Tip 2: Acknowledge

Let Dad know you haven’t missed a thing. Do a little research on the benefits his involvement is having on the kids and him. Point out that what he’s doing is strengthening his bond with them, building their trust and self-confidence, stimulating their mental and physical development, and providing an example for good decision-making, now and in the future.

What’s in it for Dad? Quite a bit! According to Parents.com, being an engaged father “inspires you to ditch bad habits . . . eases the tension on your life . . . pumps up your self-esteem . . . fills you with optimism and joy . . .” and so much more. He may not realize all of these things, but he’ll sure be glad to hear it! To read the full article, click here.

Tip 3: Encourage

Now that you’ve recognized Dad for all his actions as a parent, it’s time to encourage him with actions of your own — those that show you love him for who he is!

All dads are different. Some would be happy with a thoughtful card or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Others are more adventurous: a surprise family getaway or primo tickets to a ballgame would be more up their alley. The gifts dads appreciate most, aside from your time, are those that match their personalities and interests. So, if Dad’s the quiet type who likes to read, you can’t go wrong giving him a book signed by the whole family, or if possible, the author. If he loves amusement rides, blindfold him (assuming he’s not the one driving) and take him to Six Flags or a local fair and hit the rollercoasters!

If you find yourself saying, “Oh, this is sooo Dad,” you’ll know you found the perfect Father’s Day gift this year, one that acknowledges and encourages the real-life superhero in your home.

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