Take your décor seaside!


We love the dreamy feel that comes with coastal-inspired décor. It takes your summer look to the next level, and even soothes those cold weather blues when temperatures aren’t so beach-friendly. And while there are lots of ways to add a lovely oceanic touch to your home, we decided to make it easy with our 2017 Summer Collection. It’s full of color, creativity and, of course, beautiful fragrances!

Here’s a sample of the treasures just waiting to be discovered:

AhoyNEW! Ahoy! Warmer
Modeled after an old-fashioned buoy, this hand-painted piece is more Cape Cod than Caribbean, so it’s perfect for setting a mellow Atlantic vibe.

Nautically inclined fragrances
The best decorative displays offer a multisensory experience, and these gorgeous scents will enhance any maritime motif with a splash of unexpected fragrance notes.

  • NEW! Coastal Strawberry
    Earthy, fruity strawberry vine and raspberry seeds over jasmine.
  • Ocean
    Cool and refreshing aquatic notes deepened by water lilies and ocean breezes.
  • Jet, Set, Go!
    Jet off to a balmy tropical paradise of Brazilian orange, jungle papaya and island vanilla.

SuriNEW! Suri the Seahorse Scentsy Buddy
Want to add some sun-and-surf to any kid’s collection? Bring on Suri the Seahorse! She’s bright, beachy and ready to meet her new BFF!

What’s your favorite way to lend a seafaring slant to your summer décor? Tell us in the comments! To order from our 2017 Summer Collection, contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

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