How to make family time happen

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Most working parents are constantly trying to find the just-right balance for their families:

“Can I miss that board meeting and catch the second half of his soccer game?”

“Will my boss mind if I show up late so I can be there for her first day of school?”

“How am I going to get dinner on the table tonight? I’m on a deadline!”

For many of us, there are just not enough hours in the day.

It can get pretty tricky, working out a schedule that doesn’t mean missing those big moments, but what about the typical daily stuff that adds up to something even bigger long-term?

Life is in the extras, wherever you can squeeze them in. But adding quality family time to your to-do list can feel impossible, especially during the week when you’re also juggling work, school, sports, dinner and everything else.

We’re not asking that you spend every waking minute with your family, but any spare time that you do have between any errands that you run, you may want to take the time to do something as a family. Many people may not realize this, but being able to spend time with their friends and family members, could help to strengthen relationships further so that you’ll be encouraged to do even more things when you get the chance.

We all know it’s important to spend time together, but who says we can’t mash our must-dos with family time and make every moment really count?

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Here are a few ways to squeeze big moments out of everyday life:

  • Cook together

    You’re making dinner anyway – why not involve the whole family? Divvy up tasks so everyone can pitch in. Even small kids can help stir, measure and flip. And it doesn’t just bring the family together, it also teaches your kids essential life skills! Time-saver bonus: Sharing the work means dinner hits the table that much faster.

  • Share screen time

    You’re watching TV anyway – why not pick a show the whole family will enjoy? It’s fun to have something to look forward to each week, and there are limitless options on Netflix or Hulu, all categorized for easy searching.

  • Get moving

    You’re exercising anyway – why not choose an activity the family can do together? Taking a neighborhood bike ride, playing doubles tennis, walking after dinner, dance-partying in the living room. It all gets your heart rate up, and it’s all fun for just about any age.

  • Work it out

    You’re working anyway – why not share a space and get work done together? Many parents these days are replacing or supplementing their day jobs with ultra-flexible side gigs. Whether you’re checking emails, sending invoices or selling Scentsy products, make a communal family office at home and share your work time with their homework time. There’s something sweet about sitting together while you get the job done! Plus, you can support each other however you need it. (“Mom, how do you solve fractal equations?” / “Help me label these Scentsy Bars, would ya?”)

How do you make family time happen?


  1. Heather Llanes

    With 5 kids, family time is very important! We have something to do almost every day of the week! Baseball games, track meets, basketball games, theater performances, etc. So if an older sibling has homework they bring it to their sibling’s games. Thankfully there are usually playgrounds next to ball parks so my toddler can play while his brother plays baseball. Sometimes we have to divide and conquer if there are two things scheduled at the same time. My husband takes a kid or two and I take the rest to the other activity. Thankfully my Scentsy biz is easy to work wherever I am. My smart phone does it all and I can share scents and catalogs with other parents wherever I am. I love this family-friendly mobile business!

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