Celebrate National Iced Tea Day!

Looking for a fun, thirst-quenching reason to celebrate summer? You’re in luck! National Iced Tea Day is June 10, so it’s officially time to raise your glass.

Sweet or unsweet?

Here are a few reasons why iced tea is the drink you need right now:

  • Nothing quenches thirst better on a hot day than an energizing swig of iced tea.
  • Sometimes you need that extra buzz from caffeine to get you through a long afternoon, but summer heat makes hot coffee less than desirable. (Plus, you’ll save big on fancy lattes!)
  • Sitting on a front porch, needing a drink? Iced tea is a must, especially if there’s a rocking chair or porch swing involved.
  • Even when the heat starts melting the ice and watering it down, tea still tastes great!
Three glasses of sweet tea on a table with decorations and ice in each

And the No. 1 reason to make iced tea your new go-to drink:

Tea is the perfect base for all sorts of mixing, muddling and experimenting! Add just about any fruit, herb or sweetener (or mix all three!) to completely transform an otherwise basic brew. You could even create an iced tea bar at your next barbecue and invite guests to choose their own mix-ins!

To get you started, here are a few of our favorite recipes for summer sippin’:

Once you’ve nailed the perfect iced tea flavors, expand your experience with the perfect fresh-brewed fragrance! Grab a Southern Sweet Tea Scentsy Bar for a refreshing splash of juicy peach, orange juice and white tea. (Which, incidentally, is another great recipe you should totally try.)

To shop, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at scentsy.com.

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