Fragrance-inspired treats you can eat!

Have you ever had someone enter your house and ask what you were baking? Were you slightly embarrassed to admit that the delicious fragrance was coming from your Scentsy Warmer and Bar and not from the oven? Scentsy’s Corner Café Collection is so tasty that it’s easy to trick our noses into thinking a Scentsy Bar is a delicious treat baking in the kitchen. (Baked Apple Pie, anyone?)

Because nothing says autumn like the smell of tasty treats coming from the kitchen, we added a few gourmand-inspired fragrances to our New Releases, and each one is sure to inspire hunger in you and your guests.

To prevent anyone from getting hangry, we’ve put together a list of recipes inspired from our Fall/Winter 2016 New Releases – fragrance-inspired treats you can eat!

Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie Bars, inspired by Chocolate Coconut Cream.


Cozy Chai, inspired by Cozy Chai.


Edna Lewis’s Spiced Pears, inspired by Spiced Pear.


Plum Coconut Tart, inspired by Sweet Plum Pastry.


To see all of our New Releases, visit your Consultant’s website. If you don’t have a Scentsy Consultant, find one here!

What’s your favorite recipe inspired by a Scentsy fragrance?

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