Happy Thanksgiving, from Scentsy


“Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have.” — Catherine Pulsifer

To me, there is nothing more important than family — and friends who become family.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time, because that’s what the holiday is all about: Coming together with our families. Cherishing our relationships and the love we share. Counting our many blessings.

Of course, the delicious food also makes it a holiday worth celebrating.   🙂

I have been blessed with a remarkable husband, five inspiring children who make me proud every day, a passionate Consultant family that spans the globe and a large home office team dedicated to the values we hold dear. Yes, I have much to be thankful for.


I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for each and every member of the Scentsy family, for everything our Consultants do each day to spread Scentsy Spirit and take care of their customers, for all our customers and fans do to share the Scentsy love, and for everything our home office team does to fill our community — and the world — with kindness, generosity and warmth.

For two weeks in November, our Scentsy team gathered food for the Meridian Food Bank (the community we call home) to fill local bellies on Thanksgiving Day and every day. I’m so proud to say that our team donated nearly 1,000 pounds of food. I could not be more grateful for their generous spirits and ongoing desire to “contribute more than you take.”

Last week, we were able to sit down together as a Scentsy family and share a Thanksgiving meal at the home office. And this week, I’ll do the same with my family at home. Thanksgiving isn’t just about one day of the year. It’s about finding something to be thankful for every day!


What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? On this day and always, my hope is that you’ll be surrounded by love, gratitude and grace.


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