Gratitude and the legend of the five kernels

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The legend of the five kernels

The legend of the five kernels is often used to teach young children about gratitude and the first Thanksgiving, but the message rings true for adults, too.

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As the story goes, the Pilgrims suffered a brutal first winter and had very little to eat — some days there was only enough for each person to have just five kernels of corn. But eventually spring came, and they worked hard together to ensure a plentiful fall harvest. From then on, each Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims put five kernels of corn on each plate to remember life’s blessings, and just how far they had come.

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At Scentsy, we recently celebrated the gifts of the season with a company-wide Thanksgiving dinner. We shared a delicious meal, told holiday stories and counted the things we’re most grateful for this November.

Here are five kernels from our Thanksgiving gathering:

“I am grateful for the gift of motherhood and the privilege of having two healthy daughters who have allowed me to love them without restraint or conditions. I will always be thankful for the two amazing beings who are the embodiment of my heart living, growing, dancing and laughing outside my body.” — Brenda B.

“I’m grateful for my family, work, faith and friends.” — Serena A.

“I am grateful that my family and I are not homeless; that I have the resources to afford a roof over our heads and a home of my own. I am grateful I was born in the United States. I am grateful for my health and my children’s good health. And I know it sounds silly, but I’m grateful for my appendages. I really do feel lucky to have fully functioning arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes.” — Rocio M.

“Gosh! I am so grateful for my family. They have been unbelievably supportive through an unbelievably difficult year.” — Megan O.

“This season I am particularly grateful for the blessing of HEALTH and the savings ($$) that come from being healthy. Healthy lifestyle and healthy genes!” — Carmen W.

Photo montage of thanksgiving dinner scenes with friends

What are you most grateful for this year? Here’s to a family-focused, turkey-stuffed, blessing-filled season. Happy Thanksgiving, from Scentsy.

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