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Finding inspiration in color and fragrance.

I’m not the first person to be seduced by indigo.

It’s a powerful pigment — one that’s been highly valued in the world’s religions and across cultures for hundreds of years. It has inspired art, fashion and architecture as the “bluest of blues.” It’s one of the seven colors painted in every rainbow and can be found in the night sky, just before dawn.

I can’t imagine how many others, like me, have fallen in love with the mystery and beauty of indigo.


Its history is deep

At one time, indigo’s allure was tied to its rarity. Indigo dye is naturally harvested from the tiny leaves of a small shrub. Before it could be manufactured as a synthetic, indigo was very expensive and very desirable. As you can imagine, with such rarity and demand, indigo’s story is also colored with devastation as people fought to attain it.

Throughout the ages, indigo has inspired much more than beauty. But that doesn’t mean its story isn’t ultimately beautiful. It represents the power of the senses, and our soul’s connection to color.

Where will Indigo take you?

Indigo is a global story — just like fragrance is a global story. Sourced and shared from India to Africa to America and beyond, drawing out emotion and impacting the world in immeasurable ways. How could we not marry two such remarkable stories, and two such powerful senses, to create something special?

I’ve wanted to curate limited-edition, “boutique” fragrance collections for years. As for Indigo, the color itself inspired me. Our incredibly creative perfumers designed six unique and alluring fragrances to express its complexity and depth.

I love the different characteristics of each fragrance, and how they each remind me of the color indigo. These fragrances, like the color that inspired them, are special — so I wanted to take the multi-sensory experience one step further: with music.

Envelop your senses in Indigo

I created a playlist that crosses several genres, a dozen songs that remind me of the indigo mood. I hope you’ll listen to it now, and be inspired as I have. I invite you to completely envelop your senses in Indigo — the color, the images, the layers of scent notes — and listen to the playlist again as you experience our fragrances when they become available on May 9.

I can hardly believe we’re finally here! I can’t wait for you to experience our Indigo fragrances. I hope you love them as much as I do. But what’s more, I hope they inspire you. Learn more at ExploreIndigo.com.(No longer available)


Indigo fragrances are available beginning May 9 for a limited time. To order, contact your Scentsy Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at ExploreIndigo.com.

As President and Co-owner of Scentsy, Inc., Heidi Thompson’s story cannot be told without fragrance. To learn more about Heidi and to read the entire Scentsy Story, go to scentsy.com


  1. Patricia Hawke

    I’m not familiar with Spotify … how do I get it and your playlist?

    • Patricia Hawke

      Plus I’m excited and cannot wait to smell all 6 Indigo inspired fragrances.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Patricia! Simply go to spotify.com and either create an account or login with Facebook. Then it will install onto your computer. Once installed, you can search for “Scentsy Spotify”. The Indigo play list will then be listed. Simply click and drag to your account or just hit play and listen away!

  2. Deanna McCormick Carrell

    Installed spotify and searched for “Scentsy Spotify” but says there’s 0 search results for that. Is it set to private or something? Or can you put an actual link to it here? 🙂

    • Scentsy

      Hi Deanna, I’m so sorry for the difficulty in finding the play list on spotify. Here is a direct link to the playlist.

  3. Deanna McCormick Carrell


  4. Leslie Sheldon

    When a customer enters the Indigo Giveaway through our PWS will they be added to our Contact List if they are not currently on it? Or will we receive notification they entered so we can add them (or thank them)?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Leslie! They’ll receive several more emails about Indigo sent on your behalf and linking back to your PWS. After the Indigo promotion, we’ll add them to your contact list!

  5. KIM


    • Scentsy

      Hi Kim! Unfortunately Indigo fragrances not available for pre-order. They will be available for purchase on May 9th and are a limited time offer.

  6. Wendi (@WJ0hns0n)

    The ONLY complaint is that Duke Ellington’s Mood Indigo isn’t on the playlist. ? Otherwise everything about this collection is perfect. As a customer ordering a collection of six is a bit of a risk but I love them all.

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