Making music with color and fragrance


At Scentsy, we’re always exploring new ways to elevate, stretch and sometimes completely reinvent sensory experiences to make them more delightful and inspiring.

When we launched Indigo (No longer available) in May 2016, I invited you to completely envelop your senses with rich color, modern design, captivating fragrance and a playlist of songs that really only had one thing in common: They all reminded me of the indigo mood.

I created that playlist purely by feel. As I listened to each song, I felt connected to my love of indigo, and my fascination with the indigo story. When I warm one of our Indigo fragrances and listen to these songs, I’m struck by the depth of emotion I feel. Try it yourself to really understand what I mean.

As it turns out, color and music are connected by much more than emotion or mood.

Did you know every musical note actually vibrates to a certain color frequency? I found this incredibly interesting, so I did a bit more research.

Brilliant minds have drawn connections among light, color and sound for thousands of years. From ancient philosophers Pythagoras and Plato, to 17th century scientist Isaac Newton, to more modern composers like Debussy in the 18th century,  and composer Alexander Scriabin and philosopher Charles Fourier in the 19th century.

As I learned more about their ideas, here’s what stood out to me:

Indigo is one of the seven colors of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). There are also seven notes in a major scale (ABCDEFG).

To Charles Fourier, by way of the C Major Scale, that meant the color indigo aligned with a “D” note.

Violet Indigo Azure
Green Yellow Orange Red

His theory suggests that when you hear a “D” note, you hear indigo. How amazing is that?

As with the psychology of color, the beauty is in eye/ear/nose of the beholder. Each of us will connect to the color indigo in a different way, just like a “D” note will inspire you differently than it will me, just like we all fall for different scents at different times in different ways — because every sensory experience is unique.

A multisensory awakening

You know what I love most about fragrance? It’s revealing. Anything that connects us so deeply to our emotions and our memories makes us vulnerable, opening us up to wonderful, inspiring, sometimes scary new things.

The more I learn, the easier it is to see that fragrance, color, sound, light, mood, emotion, memory — they’re all connected. And so are we.

Isn’t that realization beautiful, all on its own?

Lots of love,


Indigo fragrances are available for a limited time. To order, contact your Scentsy Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at

As President and Co-owner of Scentsy, Inc., Heidi Thompson’s story cannot be told without fragrance. To learn more about Heidi and to read the entire Scentsy Story, go to



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