Luna: the most popular Scentsy Bar

We’ve produced many beloved Scentsy Wax Bars over the years, but one fragrance has proven particularly popular. We unveiled the Luna Scentsy Bar in spring 2011, and it has remained a constant favorite ever since. What gives this scent its enduring shine? We have a few ideas:

A crowd pleaser

Some people like to immerse themselves in bold fragrances, while others prefer a more subtle experience. Luna strikes a happy medium, bringing breezy floral notes alongside soft sandalwood and bright berries. Being such a balanced fragrance, this bar has a little something everyone can enjoy. Think of Luna as one of your favorite TV shows: Whether you want to pay attention to it or just enjoy having it in the background, it’s comforting either way.

A fragrance for any occasion

The versatile nature of Luna’s fragrance profile also makes it perfect for a wide range of occasions. Some scents have a particular niche — hot cocoa and pumpkin spice are perfect for cozy fall evenings but become less popular in the heat of summer. The calming scent of chamomile is ideal if you’re getting ready for bed but might not get you pumped for your workout routine. Luna’s sweet floral scent gives it a far more perennial nature — it’s never a bad time to enjoy this fragrance.

Beyond the Scentsy Bar

The Luna Scentsy Bar is perfect for filling your home with beautiful fragrance — and it’s also an ideal scent for fabrics and personal use! Luna is featured in many Scentsy products, from Laundry to Body care. The breezy aromas are perfect to freshen up clothes, and the sweet notes were practically made for Sugar Scrubs. Luna is great for just about any setting!

While Luna shines as bright as its namesake, it’s far from the only Scentsy fragrance people have fallen in love with over the years. What’s a fragrance you can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Renee Brown

    Luna is always my go to favorite. It is the perfect scent that is wonderful anytime of year ❤️❤️

  2. Maria Agunzo

    Luna smells good but Quiver was such a big sale item for me over the years. My customers still ask if the body products will ever come back.

  3. Armida Cortes

    Luna is absolutely one my favorites. The other is Black Raspberry Vanilla. That’s another all year round scent.
    Heck! I live by scentsy. I have warmers in every room that are always on. It’s an addiction for sure, thanks to my consultant Heather Keeline!

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