Photography Tips for Showcasing your Life & Business

Photo of woman taking a photo of a beach with her phone camera

Creating photos that get noticed takes practice! And in the realm of social media with scrolling feeds and posts to like, love and smile at, it’s important to showcase original content that looks amazing. One of the most important thing with photography is following trends. Whilst taking shots with your iPhone or even a high-quality camera may seem the norm, more people nowadays are using drone shots to capture breathtaking photos of your experiences. If you’re looking to improve your photography, why not invest in a drone; you can learn more about the DJI Mavic Air 2, a professional drone type, at This could really start to get you some recognition! Otherwise, read on to find out how to nail your photography for posts that get attention!

Content Best Practices


photo of Scentsy warmers in white surroundings to reflect light

Nothing is worse than when you have a perfect photo in mind but can’t get the lighting right. To help eliminate the harsh shadows and lines that flashes and direct sunlight can create, try using diffused natural light. A white foam board can bounce additional light onto your subject, if needed.

Learn some great tips for lighting photos here.


Photo of Scentsy's Indigo tile warmers in a styled shot following the rule of thirds

Carefully place props in your photo or video to help create a cohesive look. Odd numbers help create a visual flow, and less is typically more as it eliminates clutter.

Keep the Rule of Thirds in mind by mentally dividing an image into thirds, using two horizontal and two vertical lines, so you have a nine-part grid. Then, position the key elements of your photo along the lines of intersection to balance the photo.

Learn all about it here!


Rainforest Fern warmer styled in contrasting greens and yellow
Contrast in photos is the scale of difference between light and dark and helps your main subjects stand out. You can create contrast with opposing colors, textures and object sizes.

Learn more about contrast and how to create it in your photos here.


Themed Scentsy Photo featuring Love, Laugh, Coffee Warmer
Add some flair and charm with fun, cohesive styling elements like colored paper, matching décor pieces, flowers or fresh fruit! For example, use objects with coordinating colors, or pick objects in the same color family (all teals or pinks, anyone?). Consider styling the objects so they tell a story, and don’t forget a pretty background.

Check out some great styling tips here!

Visual Theme

Photo of Pack Your Bags warmer styled with travel map and trip photos

Are you all about bright colors? Or is your style more earthy and natural? Maybe pastels are your thing. Figure out what your visual style is, and stick to it to create consistent branding in your posts that’ll help your followers easily recognize you and your images. You could also look at getting a photography blog up and running, by utilizing the services of a company like hostiserver.

For more info on developing better content, type “basic photography tips” into your preferred search engine. Share your favorite tips in the comments!

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