The Art of the Follow-Up for booking parties!

Follow up

One of the biggest reasons Consultants don’t follow up with customers after a party or sale is because they don’t want to be too pushy

While that’s a valid concern, you may end up losing customers, sales and even recruiting opportunities if you wait too long or don’t reach out at all.

Following up is where meaningful relationships are built. Once you get to know someone a little better, it’s easier to ask if they want to host a party — and earn FREE and half-priced product.

It’s easy. Here are some tips on how to not appear too pushy — and how to let a party sell itself!

First, find the schedule that works the best for you. Some Consultants follow up one week, one month and three months (1-1-3) after an order. While others follow up two days, two weeks and two months (2-2-2) later.

Your first call, a day or two later, is simply to thank the customer for placing an order and attending a party. Tell them how much fun you had and keep it casual. The customer will appreciate the fact that you’re not trying to sell them more product right off the bat.

The second call, a week or two later, is a courtesy call to see if everything they ordered has arrived and meets their satisfaction. Ask which products they like best and encourage conversation with questions like, “Which fragrance did you warm first?” or “Where did you put your Warmer?” This is also a great time to offer any samples for products you think they might enjoy.

By your third call, two or three months later, your customers might need new products, so this is a great chance to talk parties. Bring up Scentsy’s Host Rewards and ask if they’d like FREE or half-priced products simply for hosting a qualifying party. You can even suggest a fun theme to make the idea of hosting the party a little more tempting.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ladies’ Night In or Mommies’ Time Off: Girls only! Gather the ladies in your life for an evening of friendship, food and fragrance!
  • Weekday for the win: Everyone loves Taco Tuesday! So how about Warmer Wednesday or Fragrance Friday? The possibilities are endless!
  • Sip ’n’ Sniff: Make a signature drink menu to complement your Host’s favorite fragrances, seasonal offerings or New Releases.
  • Keep it clean: Focus on Scentsy’s Laundry products. Throw a sample of Washer Whiffs into your Host’s laundry during the party to demonstrate the products. While the laundry is going, show off Scentsy Clean products.
  • Fun and games: Go with a tailgating party centered around your favorite sport. Encourage everyone to wear a jersey or their favorite team’s colors, and be sure to play lots of games! Maybe even barbecue!
  • Potluck: Who doesn’t love good food? Or a cookie swap? Or an ice cream social? A potluck takes pressure off the Host to spend a lot on food and drinks. Plus, food has a way of bringing people together, just like fragrance!
  • The great outdoors: Enjoy the sunshine or cool night air by hosting a party on a deck or patio, or even a garden party. Highlight scents that complement the surroundings.

Share your best follow-up tips in the comments!

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