Create eye-catching displays!

How to make the most of your product display.

Whether you’re setting up your Scentsy product display at a home party, fair or show, you want to make an impact. You want to stand out. You want to invite people in to learn more!

But how?

We rounded up some of the best tips straight from the experts: Scentsy Consultants. Use their words of wisdom to make your displays fun, fragrant and unforgettable.

Tip #1: Make Scentsy Bars accessible!

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“It’s the smell that sells! People need to touch and smell them. Put them someplace where they can actually grab and open them.” —Christa S.

Tip #2: Showcase the product!
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Displays 1“People can’t see what’s inside the box. In your display, you’re there to sell and see the product. It’s not about your decorating skills.” —Christa S.

“Don’t clutter your display. You don’t want it to look overwhelming! You want your guests to be able to see everything. Keep it simple!” —Shanté D.

“Turn on your Warmer for lighting and fragrance. Our Warmers create an awesome ambience. Use that! They look and smell amazing. Turn it on.” —Shanté D.

Tip #3: Open vs. closed booth

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“We are in the relationship business. That’s what it’s all about. How can you build a relationship with a barrier — a table — between you? Put it behind you! You want them to walk in. You’re there to create a relationship.” —Christa S.

“Brand yourself! You are part of your display. Throw on your Scentsy T-shirt, or pop on that Scentsy hat.” —Shanté D.

Have other tips for making an unforgettable product display? Share them below!


  1. Jackie Iannetta

    Love the advice and comments here. Really helpful and definitely will be following a couple of these tips at my next event. Thanks

  2. candles4moms

    The only thing I disagree with is whether to have an open booth. I used to always have an open booth, until one of my downline Directors asked me to give her closed booth a try on a show we were doing together. The proof was in the sales! The closed booth sold a ton more than the open. It was an eye-opener for sure. Here is my theory on why it works. When you have an open booth, you let people come inside your space where you are also trying to store and display products. They block the view to others passing by in the aisle. It is time consuming to try and reach under tables to find a certain warmer box. When you have a closed booth, you have more room to display and store more product. You don’t use your real estate for the customers, you use the aisle. Now everyone passing by can see your display even with customers at your booth. In fact, the bigger the crowd in front of your table, the more interested passerby’s are in seeing what all the fuss is about. Coming from someone who has tried it both ways, I will stick with a closed booth.

    • Scentsy

      Great Insight! Thank you for sharing!

    • Jo Dumbleton

      I totally agree! A crowd creates a lure for others to come and see what’s going on. I’ve done both and prefer the closed booth to showcase.


      I totally agree with using the closed booth attracting a larger crowd.

    • Patti

      I have tried both and although I’m happy to hear the closed booth worked for you, I think it really depends on the event size.

    • Joan

      I like a semi-open booth. Instead of placing my table straight I place it at an angle with my more expensive items ($50 warmers and $150 diffusers) back in the corner but raised up for easy viewing. I have one walk around display that has all of the hangables, it’s shaped like a triangle and one country style cupboard for less expensive mini warmers. Mine is set up more like walking into an old fashioned country store. I’m very rural, farm belt, so pretty much the only thing that sells is the country style or farmhouse style items. Just to get people talking I even dress the part with a 1800’s style dress! I have a Scentsy name tag. Understanding your clients is key. What do they want to see, how do they expect to see it. I package every sale with brown paper and tied in twine, exactly like an old country store did. (you know all that paper Scentsy sends us in every box? Don’t waste it, roll it up like gift wrap and use it!)

      • Bianca Brown

        That’s a great idea, I’ve always hated throwing away all that paper in my Scentsy boxes!

    • Cheryl Novack

      Thank you this is awesome advice


    What do y’all do when you have an event in a park with no electricity? I have one on 17 September; I plan on still using my plug-in stands. I’m a little upset that I won’t be able to use my LED Board, but I have to make the best of it! Any other suggestions?

    • Scentsy

      Walmart & Target have battery powered plugins. You’ll have to check the WATT with the nightlights, but that might work if you have a few of them? At least you would be able to let customers test them out to see how they look when they are on. Anyone else have any suggestions? Let us know how it goes Mary! Best of luck!

    • Tara Elmegreen

      Maam, my name is Tara, I’m a Consultant. I take the small, LED candles and put them inside my warmers and take the bulbs out. They’re NOT as bright but give an idea to catch someones eye!! And that’s my goal!!

  4. Denae Hudson

    Can someone please explain the open booth/closed booth difference for me?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Denae!

      The open booth means having a display/show booth where people can come into the booth and walk through it verses having a table in-front with the items displayed behind you for people to look from the table.

  5. Karrie

    If we host a vendor show would we get more products to showcase at the show?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Karrie, can you provide more details of what you’re asking so we can better understand your question? Thanks!

  6. Megan Marlow

    What is a good amount of products to have on hand to sell? I’ve heard definitely have tons of bars and circles but I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on whether to have warmers just for show or to also have some stocked to sell. Any suggestions?

    • Scentsy

      It can depend on many factors including how much you’re comfortable having, the size of your booth, the expected sales, etc. What may work at one event might not work as well at another. We would recommend reaching out to Consultants on your team or in your upline who are experienced with running booths and products on hand! ?

  7. Christopher Miller

    How much wax and other products should I order for a Trade Show? This is my first event and I have no inventory?

    Thanks for your suggestions

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