Get to Know Your Customers Day

Do you have a favorite store or restaurant you like to patronize, just because they know you? They know what you like to order. They know your size. They know you by name.

Today is Get to Know Your Customers Day, celebrated four times a year on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July and October).

Sure, Scentsy Consultants provide exemplary customer service year round, but today, why not kick it up a notch?


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. With abundant shopping opportunities worldwide, they picked YOU. Appreciate them! Find out their likes and dislikes. Keep notes about their shopping habits, what they buy frequently, their birthday or anniversary, so you can anticipate their needs and make them feel like your most important customer every day.

Does your customer have a Scentsy Bar fragrance they can’t get enough of? Is it seasonal or has it been … gasp! … discontinued? Make a note to watch for its return in seasonal catalogs or during Bring Back My Bar, and then be the first to reach out to your customer when it’s available to order so you can remind them to stock up!

Is your customer’s birthday or anniversary coming up?

Send a card or drop off a couple favorite Scent Circles. You don’t need to plug Scentsy; just receiving a special note on a special day can be enough to keep your business top of mind when they’re ready to place an order or schedule a party.

What are your customers’ interests? Do they have kids in school? Do they coach their kid’s soccer team? Are they involved in a local charity? Offer to be a sponsor or hold a fundraiser on behalf of their nonprofit organization and donate your proceeds. It’s a great way to give back AND remind your customer that they’re important to you.

And be sure to post something on your social media pages TODAY thanking your customers for their business. You can even throw in a free giveaway or host an open house for the occasion to help you get to know your customers even better.

How are YOU celebrating your customers today?

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