Invest in your business with good customer service

What do the following sentences have in common?

  • “I HAD a Scentsy Consultant, but she moved.”
  • “My friend/sister/neighbor/coworker used to sell Scentsy, but they don’t anymore.”
  • “I went to a party and ordered a TON of stuff, but I don’t know who the Consultant was so I can’t order more.”
  • “I had a couple parties, but no one reordered.”

Answer: They’re all about customer service! The concept of customer service is one of the most important parts of running any business. Field services rely on customer experience in order to turn new customers into repeat customers. For example, if you have an HVAC company, you would make an Hvac Business Plan to account for this, marking your customer service as an important part of your business development. Client/customers can make or break a company and their reputation, especially as there are many platforms that people can use to share their opinions.

There are lots of Scentsy fans out there eager to buy from someone, ANYONE, simply because their old Consultant fell off the map. So how can you make it easy for them to buy from YOU? And more importantly, how can you make them want to buy from you again and again?

Read on to find out:


  • Label EVERYTHING with your contact info. Bars. Warmers (put it on the base). Lotion. Your customers are GOING to run out, so make it easy for them to find you. Your label should include your name, phone number, email and Personal Website (PWS) address.
  • Follow up. We like the 2-2-2 rule: Contact your customer two days, two weeks and two months after you deliver their order. You don’t have to be pushy; just ask them how they like their product and see if they have any questions. Around the two-month mark, you may ask them if they’re interested in hosting their own party to earn more free stuff, and hey, who doesn’t like free?
  • Keep track of their favorites. Make a spreadsheet of all the fragrances in the current catalog. Whenever a customer orders a fragrance, enter their name beneath their chosen fragrance(s) in the spreadsheet. If a fragrance is going to be discontinued – or if it’s offered in one of our Bring Back My Bar promos – you can let them know when to stock up. Not only will they be THRILLED to enjoy an old favorite again, they’ll be flattered that you remembered what they liked!
  • Go the extra mile. When you get a new customer, write down their birthday and anniversary in your planner or phone. Send a card the week before with a small gift (a wax sample or Scent Circle is perfect) to wish them well and remind them you’re still out there.
  • Help them save money. No one buys a Warmer without wax, and Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks go together like peas and carrots. Our Combine & Save deals make it easy for your customers to get everything they need to fully enjoy their purchase at a great price. And don’t forget to tell them the best way to save money is to host a party!
  • Reward their loyalty. Create a loyalty program (like buy 10 Bars, get one free) to encourage repeat business. Let your customers know you’ll give them a small gift like a Bar if they refer a friend to you who places an order. Remember, you’re in business to make money, so don’t go overboard – decide for yourself what you’re willing to spend to thank customers for their repeat business.

What are your favorite tips for providing great customer service?

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