Discover your style of glamour

What’s your glamorous personality?

Scentsy’s Glamorous You Collection is here, filled with bold fragrances and glitzy new products! But what does it mean to be glamorous? For some dazzling personalities it’s all about sparkles and spectacle, but equally fabulous people find glamour in refined experiences and subtle elegance. The five Glamorous You Scentsy Bars explore all the ways we shine. Take a look and see which bar reflects the glam in you:

Born to Shine

Your radiant personality shimmers like stars — and you’re not afraid to show it! From gold jewelry to glittering dancing shoes, your sense of style is bold and beautiful. You find glamour in meeting life head-on, speaking your mind and being unapologetically you! The Born to Shine Scentsy Bar matches your boldness with showstopping notes of nectarine and pear blossom, with a warm touch of cashmere musk.

Dazzle Darling

You live life fabulously. You pull off every designer ensemble or thrift shop find with the natural finesse of a true fashionista. Your sense of glamour is luxurious — and why shouldn’t it be? Everything is better with sparkles! The Dazzle Darling Scentsy Bar pairs perfectly with your glittering personality, combining the bright fragrance of salted grapefruit with classy notes of coastal water and beach sage.

Keep it Sassy

Among your friends, you’re the wildcard. They’re never sure what the next night out with you will bring: Maybe you’ll invent some new moves on the dance floor or photobomb strangers’ selfies. One thing is certain: You’ll always find creative ways to express your glamourous self. The Keep it Sassy Scentsy Bar is your perfect accomplice, pairing the sweetness of cherry blossom and sugar cane with the playful tang of sparkling lemon.

Sweet but Fierce

You have a big heart and a tenacious spirt. Your delicate sense of style may lead some to think you’re shy or soft-spoken — but just beneath the surface your conviction shines. For you, real glamour lies in friendships and life’s simple pleasures. The Sweet but Fierce Scentsy Bar matches your caring spirit with notes of pink jasmine and sweet violet, supported by an energizing burst of crystalized sugar.

With Grace

Elegance comes naturally to you. Whether in fashion, art or fragrance, your refined tastes go beyond chasing the latest trend. Let others fret over glitz and glitter. You find glamour in the subtle beauty of the world. The With Grace Scentsy Bar reflects your classy sensibilities with delicate notes of gardenia blossoms, pink peony and a hint of soft musk.

Time to strut your stuff!

Which bar(s) best match your fab self? Do any of these fragrances remind you of a glamorous friend? Share this blog with them and ask if they agree!

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