Five May flowers that inspired Scentsy fragrances

Scentsy wax warmers and mini warmers that have floral patterns and are inspired by may flowers. They are all lit up an melting scentsy wax cubes

May flowers are traditionally a bellwether of warmth, growth and good times — in essence, they represent everything we love about this time of year! Whether these blossoms grow in your garden or they bloom at your local florist, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy spring flowers.

But there’s so much more to May flowers than meets the eye. They are surrounded by rich history and cultural context that make their scents extra special. Read on to discover what makes these blossoms so sweet, plus our recommendations for fragrances inspired by your favorite springtime flora!


A purple beauty, the lilac cascades in all its glory during May. This early-flowering bush is a reminder of growth and renewal. For the Celtic people, lilacs were also considered magical — and it’s not much of a stretch, because a whiff of this flower’s gorgeous fragrance practically transports you to paradise. Luckily, you don’t have to lose lilacs when the season changes. Capture their coveted fragrance with our Lilacs & Violets scent.

Flowering purple Lilacs with a Lilac & Violet Scentsy wax bar

Lily of the valley

These delicate bell-shaped blooms are the iconic flower of May. In France, lily of the valley bouquets are given to friends and family on La Fête du Muguet, a holiday celebrated May 1. Plus, lily of the valley isn’t just any old May flower — it’s also the May birth flower! For a fragrance experience featuring notes similar to lily of the valley, try Peace (Lily) Be With You.

Blooming bell-shaped Lily flowers and a Peace (Lily) be with you scented wax bar


The hallmark of romantic gestures, roses are justifiably popular. Their beautiful, heady scent is instantly recognizable and totally beloved, which is one reason you’ll find hints of rose in several Scentsy fragrances, such as Cloudberry Dreams. Besides being a symbol of love, the color of roses also impacts their meaning. Red roses symbolize romance, yellow roses stand for friendship and white roses symbolize purity.

A pink rose bush blossoming and the Scentsy Cloudberry Dreams wax bar

Sweet pea

Sweet peas might sound like they belong in a vegetable garden, but they have a well-deserved place in the flower bed. The sweet pea also has a place in science, as geneticists like Reginald C. Punnett (of Punnett square fame) used this flower to study genetic inheritance. These blooms come in bright colors, and their scent is equally bright. Sweet pea is incorporated into many Scentsy fragrances, including our ever-popular Luna.

Bright pink sweet pea flowers blooming next to a Scentsy Luna scented wax bar


You know that winter is long gone when magnolia blossoms start bursting forth in pink and white glory. These petals soon give way to verdant leaves, and the short window for us to enjoy these flowers makes them even more precious. Though their flowering season is fleeting, magnolias symbolize endurance and perseverance, as the species has existed for millions of years. Keep this springtime scent around all year with Magnolia Linen.

Magnolia blossoms bursting forth in pink and white petals beside a Magnolia Linen scented wax bar

These scents aren’t the only way to invite spring into your home. Take inspiration from May flowers and add floral elements to your interior design with Scentsy Warmers and Fragrance Flowers! The current catalog features a virtual garden of floral designs for you to pick from.

Scentsy fragrance flowers sitting on a desk besides a plant and stack of books

What’s your favorite May flower? Comment below!


  1. Les Csonge

    Being a resident in France Peace (Lily) Be With You is a very special flower
    and fragrance,a combination of lovely aroma and of course memories for those
    that gave the lives <3

    • Scentsy

      Lilies truly are a special flower, both for their elegance and their deep symbolism. Thank you for sharing! Flowers and fragrance are a beautiful way to connect with the past, the present, and with one another – no matter what distances might separate us!

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